What tomatoes will you grow in 2018?


Looking at the last pic, I thought they were bell peppers for a minute. Huge tomatoes!


@ILParadiseFarm You had asked for a follow up. My plants haven’t gotten large this year, we’ve had multiple nights through July in the 40’s and growth on a lot of things in the veggie garden are stunted. Hopefully you can see the two lines that I tie the plants to with sisal. I use an electric fence wire clip to hold the lines and can set multiple lines on the T-Posts. I’d use a taller T-Post if I were growing more indeterminates, a lot of these are determinate. Once the entire row is tied the wires will bow and the two end stakes sometimes lean in.


I had mine like this early in the season. I tied a handful of them to the line, the rains came and the 'maters went into ‘struggling’ mode. To make a long story short, they snapped out of it but I never got them all tied up and now they are all over the ground. I should take a photo, it’s rained again here and I sank to my knees when I tried to get to a watermelon, so it’ll be a while before I can get back in the garden.

Mine are all indeterminate. They really get away from you fast.


We’re finally getting some of our tomatoes to ripen, but most of them are still green. We have had a lot of rain over the last couple of weeks, two weekends ago we had abt 4", and earlier this week we had about 2.5", with not a lot of sun. That’s prob why they’re not ripening like they should.

Our plants have become so tall and unwieldy, they’re folding under from the top weight. Not breaking branches, but bent over. The rain this week really exacerbated this issue as the plants are so tall and top-heavy. Plus the stakes being in soggy ground don’t lend as much stable support. I can barely walk between them now, as quite a few have grown or fallen into other plants. So, there’s not much I can do to remedy this situation, so I’m basically letting them go. Next year I’m going to have to come up with a better support system, maybe a tall wire trellis.

Anyways, today we picked a few that looked ripe and tried them out. Our Warren’s yellow cherry has been our most prolific producer, and last week we picked our first ripe ones. They’re a bit tart, not too sweet, maybe could leave them on a bit longer for that.

This evening we picked a big gnarly Wyche Yellow and a Jaune Flammé. The Wyche looked like a few fused blossoms as it was quite large, but also had some rot on it. I cut out the bad parts and the tried the rest of it, it was meaty, and had almost a mango or some other tropical flavor to it, not real tart either. So, I’ll be interested in seeing how the rest do. The JF was pretty tart, with hardly any sweet to it. There are a few red toms that are starting to get pink, so those might be ready in a couple weeks. There are some Boxcar Willie, Watermelon, and Siberian Pink starting to turn.

A few of the plants are already getting pretty bad disease, which I just assume is blight. So, I hope I can get some fruit off those before the leaves rot away. No varmit issues yet, knock on wood. Will try to post some new pics when we start to get some more ripe specimens.


Drew had posted some pictures of his Romeo paste tomato a year or so ago, and so we traded some seeds. I sent Drew San Mazano and Drew sent me Romeo. He’d said at the time that he wasn’t super confident that they would be viable since he’d had an event and some of his seed collection had gotten wet.

Well I only had a couple of the seeds germinate, and I gave one plant away and planted the other.

Here’s a few shots of a couple I took off the plant yesterday. I took them a little early but we had rain coming and was worried they may crack (had a couple places that had started small cracks)

Anyway, they are simply HUGE!

Here are some pictures to try and give some perspective. They hold their own next to some pretty good sized Brandywine and NAR

1LB 12.8 ounces for a paste tomato just cracks me up :slightly_smiling_face:

Big thank you to Drew!!!

There are maybe 30-35 more on the plant - some probably too small to ever make a tomato before seasons end so it’s carrying a pretty decent fruit load.

We’ll have to wait awhile to know if we like the flavor…, but it was worth growing out just for the novelty factor. Everyone who strolled through my garden commented on them. One guy sent me a text the next day saying “…can you send me a picture of those tomatoes that look like an egg plant, I have a co-worker who wants to see them”



Thanks for the pics. My Romeo hasn’t been as productive as yours, but there are some fruit on my two plants.

NAR are supposed to be mammoth specimens, so I’m not surprised by how large yours are. I’ve never grew them, just repeating what I’ve heard. Do they have good flavor?

We were able to sample some Chocolate Cherry, and Boxcar Willie yesterday. The CC were great as usual, we’ve grown these for the last four years and they never disappoint. Plus, the plants are massive, well over 6ft. BW were OK, still a bit tart, I probably picked them a bit too early, just impatient, I guess. They’re not as big as I thought they’d be, they are round, a bit larger than a ping pong ball.

We also picked our first Gordost Sibiri of the year, it had a bit of rot on it (sunscald), but was still pretty tasty. She picked an almost ripe Paul Robeson, a purple tom, so I’m letting it ripen a bit more on the window sill before trying it.


The small tomato varieties are starting to roll in in SE Minnesota. I tried Sungold open pollinated from Baker Creek Seeds last year… yuck! The F1 variety is wonderfully sweet though. Super sweet 100 is delicious, just an all around good red cherry tomato. Black Cherry was a variety from last year that I did not replant, it volunteered and I just let it go. Glad to have it back. Last year every single one cracked. This year it’s doing great so far. Nice and sweet, very juicy. 4th of July looks like a large slicer looks on the inside- lots of water. I think of it as a mini beefsteak… or is that called a salad tomato? I don’t know. Vernissage was a free seed packet from Baker Creek. They are mealy and not very good fresh, but are wonderful for cooking. Made BBQ sauce with them today. yum. And so pretty.

I wish I had a better camera to take pictures of my produce with. My phone doesn’t do them justice.


I really like NAR a lot. It’s somewhat like Brandywine as far as misshapen toms go for me, but not quite as bad. I also like that it puts on a lot more fruit than Brandywine and yet can get pretty big.

If I had to choose between BW & NAR (for some reason - like space) it’d be NAR just because of the production.

But it’s only my 2nd year growing the bigger heirloom tomatoes so I’m no expert by a long shot,
but I do like both NAR & Brandywine.

The wife cut up a Big Beef tonight that was just right ripe-wise, and was very happy with it.

Never tried Paul Roberson but I see a lot of talk about it. I have a Black Krim that I’ve taken a few off of, but it seems very slow to ripen. What I’ve had I like though.


Had a pink Limbaugh’s Legacy I tossed into the woods yesterday.

The purple Helsing Junction Blues are still hard and w/o a red bottom so not ready.

Right to left are:
Helsing Junction Blues
Snow White
Limbaugh’s Legacy

Still waiting on my first to turn, but, I was really late to get them in.

Helsing Junction Blues

Snow White

Limbaugh’s Legacy





What kind of soils are in those raised box?


Pro-mix from big box store.



Wow, I bet that was a pretty good task hauling those dirt bags.


Huge. All my hoophouse plants died over the harsh winter but they were all in Pro-mix. So I emptied all those pots into the raised planter & the rest was something like 8 Pro-mix and in the middle of filling it I mixed in a peat moss bail. So it’s essentially all Promix.



Very nice! Glad you got something in the ground at least after all that work early on… (and all those starts on your deck!) Looks like they could outgrow their poles before too long. Your hands better be healed up pretty good before attempting to harvest them bad boys!!!


Friday my friend is bringing samples. I should have some really nice pictures and my own ‘taster’ comments…



I tried Ananas Noire today. It’s very sweet almost like cherry tomatoes. not much acid.


Pretty tomato, Drew. My friend is absolutely crazy about Middle Tennessee Low Acid. One of the best tomatoes he’s eaten of quite a few.



Yes, it’s green, yellow and red! I like both acid and low acid tomatoes. It is fairly prolific too.
I have my favorites too and I’m going to stop experimenting for a bit. I like the dark tomatoes like Indian Stripe, Girl Girl’s, and Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye. i really don’t need any others besides a good cherry. I tried Mexico Midget this year. A very small cherry, red, very sweet, and an heirloom, so probably all I will grow in the future. I will try a few others every year I have enough seed for a few years of tomatoes I never tried yet.


I wouldn’t know when to pick it!


Gotta put the squeeze on it Mr. Andy :grinning:

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