What tomatoes will you grow in 2018?


Yes, also look at them, even the green when ripe tomatoes, turn a slight yellow. Reds, turn to blood.
These tomatoes develop a red tinge. Out of the three pictured, the front tomato is the ripest and perfect, also soft, the squeeze is the final check for me.
Plus tomatoes keep ripening once picked anyway.
I picked these Romeo paste early as we expect rain all day and I want them dry. I don’t think they would crack, which is usually why i do this.


Aren’t those seeds I gave you last year? I could never get them to do well here.

Conversely, my GGWT’s has some fruit turning color finally. The Romeo’s are still green, tho, as are most of the others-too cloudy and rainy. Need that sun to ripen them. Getting a lot of split fruit because of all the rain we’ve had.

Did get to try some Watermelon beefsteak today, very meaty, with good flavor. But, also sliced up a Paul Robeson, and it was awful, it was a bit soft when I picked it, and it sat for a few days, which made the rot worse.

I also picked a handful of okra, some jalapenos and habaneros, and about half a dozen bell peppers. I think we’re having stuffed peppers for supper tomorrow. To my surprise the okra had a decent flavor raw, albeit a bit slimy.


I’m not culinary with tomatoes and don’t can or freeze so it’s fresh off the vine and into my belly.

I tried for the first time (2) green tomatoes. I can’t say that I care for either. But, here are photos and my notes.

Tasty Evergreen: Sour as I expected. Liked Green Zebra better. Wouldn’t grow a green tomato, again.

Green Zebra: Not as sour. More accepting to my palate. However, wouldn’t grow again.

Green Zebra & Red Zebra:

Red Zebra: Actually mid-tones of sour. Did not expect. Very thick skin. I would not grow this again.

Bear Claw: Very good to excellent beefsteak. Maybe a bit sweeter if there is such a thing when compared to my past all time favorite: Better Boy.
Error: my buddy corrected me. Thank goodness as I collected seed, yesterday. I thought it was Black Mountain Pink.

Will have more to add in the next days.



__Green Zebra is one of my all alone time favorite tomatoes. I leave the skin on and5 eat them with S&P and fresh Mozzarella! Soooo good!


I don’t care that much for them, they can be very sweet especially the green cherries. hard to tell when ripe, usually develop a yellow cast when ripe. Sun Green takes forever to ripen. Low acid all sugar.


Thanks for the tip Drew about Sun Green. I’ll pass that along to my buddy.

@mrsg47 I knew there was probably a different method to eating green tomatoes. My buddy likes them right off his plate. Maybe he’s adding cheese and stuff though. I don’t know.

I’ll stick with the red tomatoes, yellows, & oranges. He brought Helsing Junction Blues that were completely red. He said that’s when they’re really good. Looks like my plant has a ways to go for them to turn red.



I like dark tomatoes best, but the blood red ones are awesome too.I just not have found one that produces well here. I don’t really care for the yellow or oranges either. I’ll eat them! Just prefer dark.


Right in my book too. I wouldn’t plant a yellow or an orange one over any red ever.

I ate too many last night. Tonite I’m going to try a few and one is Nebraska Wedding (a yellow). I guess I’ll see then what I think.

SunSugar that my friend brought yesterday is excellent, however. Worth planting as a cherry tomato.



I trialed this year a pink called Seek N Further Love Apple. A small beefsteak. Fruits seem uniform on the outside and various degrees of meatiness on the inside. taste is tangy, not sweet or tart. Not bad!
Production is average. Mid-season.


This is what my bud brought to me and another mutual friend.

Monkey Ass I tried last night and wouldn’t grow again. It’s a very mediocre beefsteak. Not a lot of flavor and more meaty without enough juiciness.



Funny how we are all so different. My two favorite tomatoes this year are Mr. Stripey and Big Rainbow, both yellow and red striped varieties. After sampling 9 new varieties this year black krim is my least favorite. It’s prolific and early but something in the flavor just isn’t as good as the other beaksteak types.


I’m only going to start commenting on the ones I like after this circus I’m participating in with my buddy.

I will tell you that personally I would not walk across the street to eat a Nebraska Wedding or a Mortgage Lifter. Mortgage Lifter is okay, but I continuously go back to Better Boy in my mind.

It’s like the Hark pecan. All my friends up here in zone 5b midwest think they outta be crossing into Hark to create the next best thing. Well, we have the best, it’s Hark.

Why mess with perfection. I don’t know. These are just my thoughts on Better Boy.

It’s fun. I’ll say that! No doubt about it. But so far I’ve found one I would plant and that’s Bear Claw. The problem with Bear Claw is you get about 3 tomatoes per plant so you need more space. The tomatoes are huge. I got a small one off my buddies plants. The others he has to hold with two hands and he forecasted them to be more than 3 pounds on the vine. We will see when they hit the scale.



Weather conditions and soil can make a difference each year. I decided not to grow Black Krim again because in my garden it only produced a few tomatoes and they were mediocre. Maybe another year they would be better.


Many give plants two years, depending on the problem. I put up with the problems of low production and disease susceptibility for the flavor of heirlooms. Also though so I can save my own seeds and don’t have to keep buying seeds. Some hybrids are fantastic, even better. Part of the fun for me is saving and comparing years, it’s a hobby for me, besides everything else. If certain hybrids work for you, great! I grow them too, from time to time. Also my needs are small, I mostly use tomatoes for sauce, and well most of the ones I like for sauce, don’t taste all that great fresh.
I grew Cow’s Tit this year, and I’m liking this plant, it is a producer of medium pastes. It produces well, and has made the cut. Now to see how good a sauce they make. I usually make mixed sauces and in future years I will just grow a lot of one variety, to really test each variety better. I have enough candidates now.


Our San Marzano are going nuts as per normal, and they’ll always be in the mix here. Early Girl is producing like a cherry tomato! So far Black Krim is just a slow poke, while Big Beef is kicking them out at a pretty good pace. NAR & BW are about average production wise. But the one that has my attention is that Romeo… I mentioned above that the jury was still out as far as the taste goes for us, but we cut the big one last night and she even put some chunks in our cottage cheese. I was impressed! I was looking forward to a bland nothingness, but it was actually pretty darn good.

Wish I’d have taken a shot of it sliced, but I cut up another one today just working up some toms for freezing. Plus I was wanting more seeds to save, the first one hardly had any!

Not a lot more on the 2nd one.

Here’s a picture of 5 of the “smaller” ones on a plate, plus the insides of one I cut into. The lighter orange skin hides a darker pink/red meat.

But I commented to my wife that if someone just walked in and saw the plate they might mistake it for watermelon :smile:

So far my wife is exceedingly impressed with the “meatiness” of this paste tomato, and how quickly they fill the freezer bags, that she’s already making sure I have a spot for them next year.

But again, we need to do some cooking to make sure we like the cooked up flavor, but out of the gate it’s looking good!


It does look like watermelon! Yes let us know, good or bad how they are cooked. I had them twice cooked, but both times with some others, So not positive but fairly sure it’s decent, Although I need to grow more to test by itself. Yeah the San Marzano will be the last one I trial. I only grew one plant of Romeo this year. Mostly for seed this year.
Another Italian tomato group used for sauce are the Costoluto or ribbed tomatoes. They have a lot of seed and gel, but easy to remove and the flesh is firm. Some say they are the best. Regions in Italy have their own versions. I have three of them, Di Parma, Fiorentino, and Genovese.


Monkey Ass looks like an Oxheart. Those are good for canning, spaghetti sauce, and salsa. Not good for fresh eating. We grow some of the neighbor’s extra oxheart seedlings every year. Russian tomatoes and brandywine are, to me, great types for fresh eating.


Thanks for teaching me something. I didn’t know Oxheart was its’ own group of tomatoes.

And I agree… it does look like an Oxheart.

Thanks, Joe.



And there are two types of ox-heart. One is heart shaped, the second group looks like a wrinkled sack of money.


I’ve learned so much here in the few weeks I’ve been a member, I’m glad to be to contribute. I’m by no means a tomato expert.