What tomatoes will you grow in 2018?


I have a list but many are too old. I could not keep all fresh. then I had a disaster where my seeds got wet, and I lost many varieties. So the list is way out of date.
tomato list.txt (131.4 KB)


Can you post an updated picture when the plants are larger? Would love to see your methods for tying up your plants. We tried a weaving pattern last year and didn’t really like it. This year I put the line up on top and tied the tomato to it. We will no doubt have to run a line down the lower parts once the plants are larger. I wish tomatoes wern’t so high maintenance.


Looks like your plants are at a rave.


That’s the closest replication to the sun of any grow light tested. Watch the video for Platinum Grow Lights on Amazon sometime when your computer isn’t buffering (hee-hee (-: )



Yes, thanks to Drew, I have GGWT, Indian Stripe and Romeo. The last one I’m trying for the first time, the others I tried last year, and liked them, at least those the deer didn’t pilfer. IS is a potato leaf variety and is very vigorous as is GG.

Abe Lincoln (not planted yet), Pruden’s Purple and Boxcar Willie I got at Lowe’s, and all the others are from:


They have very reasonable prices for a good quantity of seeds. I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $2.50 for a pack of seeds, and they always give you at least 25 seeds in a pack, but sometimes 75, which is very generous. The vendor’s in Columbus, so not that far from you. I’ve always had good germination rates with them.


LOL, you zinged me. I’ll see if they have that video on VHS. :vhs:


Yes a good place!
I wqas looking t my list and for the heck of it pulled out the Kentucky heirlooms
Aunt Lou’s Underground Railroad (I don’t even know if these seeds are still good?)
Lincoln Adams
Mortgage Lifter Halladay’s


Finished planting out my tomatoes and some more peppers his afternoon. Our patch now has 33 tomatoes and 7 peppers in it. The Doodette put down some straw mulch on them, and put up a fishing line fence around it before dark.

Some of the tomatoes that were planted yesterday were drooping over, so I gave them some more water. I suppose they’ll look kinda sad for a few days until they get over transplant shock. Plus some of the leaves look a bit sunburned, kinda pale green, but they should recover.

Here’s what was planted today:

Paul Robeson (2)
Abe Lincoln (2)
Dr Wyche Yellow (2)
Jaune Flammé

Beaver Dam (3)
Balloon (2)
Ancient Sweet

All the peppers were from seeds from @thepodpiper. Thanks, dude!


Absolutely. As you can see in the pic, I use T-posts and electric fencing wire. I find I can get enough tension on the wire to hold up a row of plants. I’ll place additional lines on the posts later in the season for the taller indeterminant plants, but most of these are determinant and won’t require a lot of tying.


I haven’t followed this entire thread so maybe this was talked about before (I know it was in another thread) but are you planning on putting something besides fishing line up to deter deer?

I know once my CJ’s got of decent size I felt like they could withstand an occasional nibble so I removed the 5’ field fence and replaced with fishing line. It only lasted a few days until the deer figured it out and I found myself having to step out on the deck and yell the deer away as they were in there browsing on my cherry bushes. They were doing more damage then I could take, so up went the fence again!

I helped my ex-son-in-law put us some plastic deer netting around his garden a few years ago that worked like a charm and was really cheap.

I’d just hate to see something happen to all your Toms after you’ve waited so patiently to be able to get 'em in. (add to that all the water last year, that’s be a double whammy for ya!!)


I also tried a fishing line fence. I don’t know what happened, because I wasn’t there, but it was broken and strewn everywhere and was a mess to pick up. The deer at my place move in herds of anywhere from 5 to 15, so scaring away one probably didn’t have the desired effect.


Yeah kinda wished I’d have put up a trail cam just to see their reaction, but it didn’t seem like it was impactful here for more than a couple days. The fence I have around my garden now is 5’ and they stay out almost all through garden season, although it’s no feat for them to clear it if need be. I think I mentioned once that a few years ago I drove down the lane and there was a herd milling around nearby, they’d not noticed or heard me until it was too late and were scattering like crazy, several jumped the garden fence during their escape - and jumped it like it wasn’t even there… at all!


Yeah, it may not keep them out forever, but it will have to do until I try something else. I think they prob won’t mess with these seedlings just yet. I’m more worried when they start getting bigger and start producing fruit. Right now, they look kinda puny, but I know once they get over transplant shock and get better established, they’ll take off. I had some the last couple years almost as tall as me (6ft)!

I have some weed fabric that I tried last year that worked, so I’ll prob give another try this year.


Every year I wonder about what to do when they get to the place where they’re hanging over the top of the cages. I find myself running string around them or just anything to keep them from dropping over the edge and pinching the stem, etc.

I toyed with the idea of raising up my cages a foot when I first set them this year, and just didn’t do it and am kinda kicking myself now.


Here are my tomato varieties this year:

  • Black cherry
  • Paul Robeson
  • Gros orange
  • Golden jubilee
  • Lime salad
  • Sweet 100
  • Sub-Arctic

I can’t wait to taste test all of them!


My Sungold starting to fruit…


Mine is too, well not Sungold, Sunlemon, and Sungreen. (same breeders of gold). I’m growing Mexico Midget too for a red. An OP type so I never have to buy seeds to grow it again. I will always grow some hybrids for the sweet types as the OP types are never that sweet, still good though.


I’m just doing sungold and sweet million. Just cherries this year. No real tomatoes.


I did a side-by-side last year between Sungold and Sunsugar. I’d read where one split less than the other, etc. They each grew strong plants and way more fruit than we could use. I eventually decided to go with Sun Sugar because I found I was spitting the skin out of my mouth when I’d have a Sungold, for me the skin was thicker and less desirable. Great flavor though!


I grew sungold and sunsugar couple of years ago . I heard the same thing but actually they both split pretty bad. I couldn’t tell any difference between them