What tomatoes will you grow in 2019?


Flavor Bomb cherry tomatoe for sure. They are very sweet and flavorful.



When you say full size, do you mean beefsteak type tomatoes? If you are looking for something that works for general use and is meaty enough for processing you might consider Danko, a determinate (or semi-determinate) heart.


Tony, I’m curious, did you compare it with super sweet 100, which one is sweeter?


I like Copper River.


I mean not cherry and not cocktail size - I have those. My main purpose is making salads, sauces, and also juice. I do not like plum tomatoes as I didn’t see any that have taste. I do have one determinate kind (Defiant) that has good taste but kind of dry - very useful for ajika sauce, but I have one more spot this year available for short tomato, so thought something like salad one, that can be used for juice as well.


Flavor bomb is better overall with similar sweetness but more productive clusters, a tad bit larger, and more flavor.



Tony, thanks for recommending this cherry tomato.


My suggestion of Danko was because hearts are good for a dual purpose tomato, with better taste than any of the pastes (to me) and enough size to be used as a slicer, but still meaty enough for sauces, etc. But it sounds like your other tomato covers you for sauce, so I think @Fusion_power 's suggestion of Sophie’s Choice is a good one.

If you are interested in trying something other than a pink/red, you might consider one of the tomatoes from the Dwarf Tomato Project. Although not determinate, they stay small and do reasonably well for production. One of my favorites is Tennessee Suited which is a dark tomato with stripes, essentially a small beefsteak in size. Very pretty and very tasty. I’ve had the best luck pruning them to 2 stems instead of letting them just become a big dense bush, since in my hot humid area disease is a challenge with any tomato so keeping them trimmed up a bit keeps the air flowing between leaves.

While not a determinate, Druzba is a very nice medium sized red tomato that doesn’t get nearly as tall as most other indeterminates and seems to top out around 4-5 feet for me.


Why is Zogola a (must grow)? Do you consider it one of the good ones?


Zogola is indeed one of the “good” ones, but that is not why I must grow it. I must grow Zogola because the few sources of commercial seed have been crossed with a smaller and less tasty tomato resulting in a lot of seed that is not Zogola being sold as though it is. I have seed of the original pure strain and need to grow it out to supply to https://www.sandhillpreservation.com/vegetables so they will have the correct tomato.

I would not compare much to super sweet 100. It is a relatively tasteless tomato that brix around 10. If you want a sweet tomato, Sungold is hard to beat with brix of 12 to 13. I also sell Hibor which is a small orange pear shaped tomato that can brix up to 14. I want a more flavorful tomato personally so my goal for this year is to cross Hibor with Swamp Sweet Orange pear which tastes delicious but is relatively low in sugar. I hope to combine flavor with sweetness. Time will tell!


My seed order from Tomatoville came with a sample pack of Lime Green Salad tomato. Searched but no mention of it on this site. Anyone grow it and is it worth the space?


I completely forgot about my tomato seeds i started and was horrified to discover them touching the top of the jiffy greenhouse long, leggy, and white. I immediately pulled the lid off and put them under my grow light. Its been 3 days now and they have stood up to grow toward the light but are still white. Will these eventually thicken up and turn green? Or should I start over?


They may eventually get better, but I would start over( if you have seeds) - new ones will catch up faster if properly grown.


Thanks. Thats kinda what i was thinking


you can just pot up and bury them all the way to the cotyledons. they wIll be fine…or start over.


If you haven’t tossed them yet I would do what @thepodpiper suggested and plant them as deep as possible. Tomatoes are very forgiving about being grown in poor lighting conditions as long as you plan to bury the entire lanky stem.


While tomatoes are easy to pot up and very forgiving, in this case I would start over. Starting with a poor seedling will most likely result in a poor plant. Since they’re not old, pop new seeds in.


I’m late to the game on this, but my tomato grow list this year is:
Barry’s Crazy Cherry
Yellow Pear
Lucid Gem
Gold Medal
Hungarian Heart
Cherokee Purple
Girl Girl’s Weird Thing
Kellogg’s Breakfast
Arkansas Traveler

I am really hoping Barry’s CC is as productive as everyone says it is.


I ended up scrapping about half of the seedlings. About half of them sprouted late enough that they avoided being trapped in the greenhouse. I sat those directly under the grow lights and restarted the other half.


Black Krim
Pink Brandywine
Chocolate cherry
Bumble bee cherry

These are my favorite and most reliable, I really want to try grafting onto more productive rootstocks this year and last year i grew way too many and didnt keep them straight or take good care of them and they got way to overgrown The blue gold cherry tomatoes did great and tasted great and was the main stand out that i remember.