What tomatoes will you grow in 2019?


Anyone who grows reisentraube, are the plants compact? Got mine from ohio heirloom seeds and the seedlings are like 4-5 inches and really bushy, most everyone else is at least twice that size or more, lanky, and sprawling…everyone is growing but the rest look like moderate light greenhouse starts, reisentraube is way smaller but picture-perfect planl seedlings…


I’ve bought just about all my tomato seeds from OHS, but haven’t tried their Reisentraube. Because of its size, maybe it’s a determinate variety?

I’ve bought Cyril’s Choice from them, and it was a determinate, and it was the smallest plant I’ve ever grown. All my indeterminate varieties grow to at least 4ft tall, sometimes 6ft+, but CC didn’t get above 3-4ft.

Scratch that, from what I’ve seen on other sites it is an indeterminate. From what I’ve read of reviews the plant can get quite large, so maybe it’s just a slow starter. The fruit certainly look unique, like grape clusters.


My tomato plants arrived early from Territorial seeds. I’ve never ordered tomato plants through the mail before. Too cold to plant them outdoors. Do I just keep them on a sunny windowsill till its warm enough outdoors to plant?

Sweetpea , beefsteak, green zebra, two of each.


that would be fine. make sure you dont stick them right out in the sun when its time. they may need to b hardened off again.


Better Boys have always done well for me.


Our tomatoes are planted out but are kept under 5 gallon buckets for now.


Does anyone still like ‘Lemon Boy’ like I do?


Just started seeds for:
Black From Tula
JD’s Special C-Tex


I want to grow currant tomatoes. There are many kinds. I once grew Parks Spoon Tomatoes. Wish they still had it (and their pink Picture tulips.) Anybody tasted a sweet currant type?


Yes, and I am growing the red ‘Sweetpea’ variety this year. The plants are outside hardening off. They are delightful, minuscule and so pretty in a salad or as a garnish.


Matt’s Wild Cherry and Sara’s Galapagos are both good.


We are growing Brandywine, Cherry Belle and Italian Heirloom.


I’m growing Ted’s Pink Currant this year and looking forward to trying it. The only thing I’m a little worried about is that they may be more likely to cross with my other tomatoes so I’ll have to be careful where I locate it and with saving seeds. True currant tomatoes are actually a different species, Solanum pimpinellifolium, and something about the shape of their flowers makes them more likely to have their pollen get into your other tomato flowers. Not an issue if you aren’t saving seeds or if you are bagging blossoms to separate them.


My currant tomatoes are in bloom and look like very tiny regular tomato flowers. Very tiny!


Old post but I’m way behind! Well nothing because the Japanese firm which produces them will not say what cultivars they use to make it. not sure it was ever patented?
Trade secret and they have no requirement ever to reveal how they do it.


True, but there may be some interesting cultivars that arrive from Sungold (and Sun Sugar) crosses. This year I’m trying Justnya, which is a cross between paste type and a F2 saved from Sun Sugar. I know there are some others out there as well.


I’m growing some sungold this year and sugar. My seeds are so old I thought I better use them. They germinated fine, 8 years old! Love it!


There’s been plenty of discussion on Tomatoville and Houzz about it. Reds have popped during dehybridization, because of the “parental contribution of S. pimpinelliforum, the red fruited currant tomato that contributes the long truss feature of many cheery varieties” Dr. Carolyn Male has a lot of good posts relating to sungold, especially replying to the oft many attempts to dehybridize.

Ted@Muddy Buckets has a decent somewhat larger stabilized version of sungold called big orange V. Reinhart Kraft has probably the one whose done the most work trying to dehybridize sungold resulting in op-lines sungold select and sungold select II (a further refinement of the line). A lot of people have tried independently to get an op-stablized version of sungold, some out to F15 and even further.

A lot of these are very close, but consistency is a bit lacking. Sungold, for me, no matter the year always comes out the same. It may lose 1 degree of Brix or so, but flavor is always the same. I find all the op-lines to lack this consistency.

I’d also add, it depends on your tastebuds. Some people are legit supertasters, and if you’re anywhere near that group when it comes to tomatoes, you can definitely tell the difference been a genuine sungold and the op-lines (at least the ones that have been made available).


What are the highest brix, sweetest tomatoes you ever tried?


Are you asking without any restriction to acid level and or size? Cause there are sweet-tart intense beefsteaks that hit 11 Brix but taste tart because they also have a high acid content if you were to titrate the level like you do with grapes and other fruit.