What tomatoes will you grow in 2019?


Finally got our tomatoes in the garden today. I started about 3, it was 85 and the sun was beating down on me and no wind, so that didn’t last long, I was getting loopy headed from stooping down to plant and then standing back up to go get another plant. Did 10 and stopped, said I gotta go in and chill a bit. Guess I’m getting old or something.

Felt better after we had our taco supper, so we were both back out there about 6:30, and with the sun over the west hillside. We got 35 put in the ground, some still look kinda puny, so I buried them deep and piled the dirt up around them. Good to finally get that out of the way.

Here is what we planted:

Yellow Brandywine (3)
Watermelon (3)
Better Boy (3)
Black Brandywine (2)
Pink Brandywine (2)
Jaune Flammé (2)
Chocolate Cherry (2)
Hillbilly (2)
Sister Miriam (2)
German Strawberry (2)
Boxcar Willie (2)
Aunt Ruby’s German Green (2)
Omar’s Lebanese (2)
Gordost Sibiri (2)
Girl Girl Weird Thing (2)
Dr Wyche Yellow (1)
Azoychka (1)

She planted a Watermelon tomato in a big pot for the deck. We haven’t had a lot of luck with container tomatoes, but tried a mix that doesn’t tend to hold too much water.

A couple weeks ago she also planted a couple more 'maters, I think one was a Watermelon and the other pink BW. And, we still have a couple left over, so those will have to go somewhere. So, looks like we’ll have 40 plants this year. Usually have issues with Brandywine’s not producing a lot, but last year they did pretty well in the same plot as this year’s, so we’ll see.

Our peppers are still under the lights indoors, so hope we can get those in the ground soon. That’s what I get for starting them so late (April).


I was tempted but put them down. Fred Meyers in NW had tomato and pepper and other plants $1.50 each. I got enough in the soil for me, why would I look at more? Yes, they had 2 heirlooms too.


Went with Early Girl, Celebrity, Better Boy and Jersey Devil. Everything is from store-bought starts except for Jersey Devil.


Well, got the 35 plants mulched last week, and last evening, got them staked up and lashed to tobacco sticks. They’re all a foot tall or less, and look kinda shrimpy, but I know it won’t be long before they’ll turn into monster bushes. My wife planted out three early tom’s about a month ago, and they’re close to 3ft tall already.

We planted out eight Brandywine’s, yellow, pink and black, so hope they do well for us. Also curious to see how the six new (for us) varieties do, esp Omar’s Lebanese, it’s supposed to be a huge plant and tomato.

@Drew51, I’m giving Girl Girl another shot this year. I sowed Romeo seeds, but they didn’t sprout for me this year. Curious as to what tom’s you’re trying?


A light year for me. I do like the dark tomatoes so Girl Girl, and also Indian Stripe, a smaller dark tomato. Those two are all I need for dark tomatoes. Others are great too, but these two meet my needs. Romeo, and San Marzano for pastes. And Carbon Copy and Sun Gold for cherries. that’s it for this year. Omar’s is good btw!


Morasky Div Tomato

First tomato of this season for me.
I’m surprised that it didn’t seem to be slowed down by our unusually cool spring weather.


I just planted out my starts today, 114 plants. I was going to cut back this year, but @thepodpiper sent me stuff I just had to try. I have a lot of extras if anyone wants to come pick’em up!


I forgot that you also gave me Indian Stripe, so I didn’t try those this year. I didn’t want to plant a lot this year, but somehow we put out 38 this year. All but 3 are in really good soil this year, so if all goes well, we should get a big harvest. If.

I was just out looking at them this evening, and some of them seem to have almost doubled in size in less than a week. Guess they have settled in and now they’re taking off. Or it could be the 3" of rain we’ve gotten recently.


Just added two Cuor di Bue and one ‘Garden Peach’. They taste sooooo goood!!!


I found a freebee growing…bet it was from a hybrid dwarf I grew last year. I stuck it in the bed now and will see what it turns out like.

A cherry I planted now has 1 berry. It is green, but soon enough this June maybe before 4th of July I will eat it.


Here is June Bug, my first to ripen. It is a cross made from Jaune Flamme and Black Cherry by a guy on Tomatoville named named Charley who was sharing some seeds. It is supposed to be a burnt orange when fully ripe and about an inch and a half in diameter.

Now the question is do I pick and finish ripening inside or play squirrel roulette?


Buy some netting. :kissing_heart:


The squirrels and chipmunks just floss with it on their way in…


My 1st to set any fruit is Sweet Baby Girl.

I have currant and other cherry types like SunGold but she wins.


I planted tomato seeds from 1997 last year and they grew.


Ate my first tomato of the year yesterday. Sungold. It was tasty. I liked it a lot.


Got a few more tom’s showing up on the plants, but none to eat yet. A lot are over 3ft tall now, and starting to spread out. Our huge Watermelon beefsteak plant on the deck has a couple fruit on it.


Mine are looking the same, over 3’ and have lots of green fruit on them. Got one ripe sungold from a plant that I didn’t have space for- it’s been languishing in a solo cup, but managed to fruit.


I’ve got fruit set on several types. The best looking so far is the Mennonite Orange. I’m drooling in hope.


I got disappointed with my “Jet-setter” this year again. it is not ripe yet, but I already can see it is not Jet-setter at all. Few years ago the seeds were widely available and produced early, large, round, smooth, pinkish fruit. The problem started when Tomato Growers stopped to sell them. I found the seeds at some other site, but two years in the row from 3 plants I started at least one was completely different - large, flat and ribbed. I blamed the company I bought them from. So I was very happy to see this year that Tomato Growers have them back. Little I knew… Both plants this year produce flat, ribbed tomatoes. I don’t know, may be they good(Though I hate ribbed tomatoes for making juice. I always feel I can’t clean them well enough and they never ripen evenly). But they are NOT Jet setters… Jet-setter is a hybrid, so no point to talk about stability of the kind… Just sad how good things just vanish from existence…