What tomatoes will you grow in 2019?


Another really good heirloom tomato in my area is Rutgers. Love to grow them and they are fairly productive but they lack the disease resistance of the hybrids. VFT are the disease resistance I look for but more is better. This year I’m only growing heirlooms and I rotate garden areas which works for me. Early girl does very well here and I’ve grown it many years. Early girls flavor is not a show stopper for me though black Krim can be very tasty in my limited one year of experience. I did wind up finding yellow, black, red, and pink brandywine which are on the way. I save many heirloom seed but once every 10 years or so we replace a bunch of them. In this case we were being lazy or maybe we were just tired this last year and did not save any seed. Some years wild tomatoes come up all around my place and that’s always interesting. The escaped cherry tomatoes injested by wildlife can be highly prolific.


Besides growing for myself, I start a bunch of seedlings for our local PTA plant sale. I like to pick a group/type each year to trial new tomatoes - this year it is beefsteaks and hearts. A year or two ago I tried a bunch of cherries and settled on Black Cherry, Sungold and Lucky Tiger for those. It is great to read reviews, but until you actually grow it in your own garden, I find it is hard to predict their growth and flavor.

Here’s what I’m currently planning to start about a month from now.

Smaller tomatoes and cherries
Juliet (could also be considered a roma type)
Justnya (from Adaptive seeds - sort of a yellow plum/grape type with a pointy end)
Lucky Tiger
Black Cherry

Hearts and roma types
Fish Lake Oxheart
Opalka (even though I always struggle with blossom end rot with this one)
Kibits (early Ukrainian roma type)

Girl Girl’s Weird Thing
Solovey razboynik (Ukrainian heirloom)
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Ruby Gold (AKA Gold Medal)
Cherokee Green
Cherokee Purple
Stump of the World
Prudens Purple
Striped Mystery Beast (A chance seedling from Prudens Purple that is great and I’ve kept going for years by saving seeds, picture below)

Black From Tula (thought this was a beefsteak when I first grew it, but just a nice sized slicer)
Fioletovyy (supposedly purple, mid-sized Ukrainian herloom - will have to see if it is as purple as pictures)

Dwarf Tomato Project
Tennessee Suited
Rosellas Purple


Curious to hear what tomatoes @Drew51 and @thepodpiper are trying this year…


No, this will be my first year growing it. Of those on my list, I’ve only grown Fantome Du Laos previously. Wanted to try mostly new varieties this year.


I’m still not sure? I need to cut down a touch this year as I’m buying a bunch of plants for a new piece of property my daughter bought. I will grow mostly what I like, not much experimenting this year. I also pulled a lot of plants out the last two years and replacing with stuff I like more. So it’s kinda a rebuilding year.


Some folks in zone 10 of San Diego county plant Rutgers in the late summer and have tomatoes for Thanksgiving and Christmas!


That makes a lot of sense to grow Rutgers like that.


I’m going grafted this year especially since this http://www.territorialseed.com/product/ygt139 is now available. I will probably end up with eight plants but that depends on the rest of the garden. Still looking for grafted Big Zac and Berkley Tie Die.


Tomato grafted on Naranjia is very effective for growers with serious pressure from tomato viruses – unless nutrient deficiencies are being mistaken for virus infection. Another purpose of grafting is to add vigor for growers in poorer tomato climates. What needs do you have in your location?


I’m about an hour from the ocean depending on traffic in SE Texas with high humidity a very common occurrence. I’m stacking the deck as much as I can at this point.


Either Zone or Soil would be my guess. A friend, who reccomended them (Purple Cherokee) to me was getting a bunch each week. I’ll find out this year.

**Edited to add the tomato name


Yes - large but not huge, old-fashioned tomato flavor. I usually end with w/more than I can use, just from like 4 plants

Also plant 4th of July to get the season off early

Then I usually plant something new to try it out


Of the tomatoes ive grown, i really like:
Azoychka russian yellow, big 3" fruit, prolific, hardy, tasty… A keeper in my book!
Juliet. oblong grape large cherry tomato. 1.5" oblong. Prolific and does not split much compared to other cherry ive grown. Perfect for salad and even just in their own bowl to eat like grapes since they don’t split. etc.
I have seeds saved from other varieties like jetstar and early girl and siberian etc and other cherry tom, i like them all but the above 2 are 2 i for sure plan to plant this year! I may plant Jetstar again, productive big red…
Reading this post i think i want to plant JDs Special C Tex Black, if anyone wants to swap seed let me know.
I usually plant 30 to 80 plants. Depending on how much canning we want to do that year or how much we did the previous year… This year probably only 40 plants.


I haven’t grown it in recent years but it is a great tomato – also good for breeding “tye dye” hybrids.


Glad to know i am not the only one likes it! Cross breeding them sounds interesting too!


I’ve had good luck with Rutgers as well.


I’m expanding my tomato growing to the front yard this year. There’s just not enough space in back! Or in front either, I need to move to the country.

I’m trying to keep the front yard tomatoes looking really nice, staked to bamboo, so I’m looking for varieties that will stay short and contained- anyone have any suggestions? The only one I’ve found so far is Soldacki, which I got from watching James Prigioni on YouTube. His always look presentable.

I plan to grow Vernissage, Sungold F1, Super Sweet 100, Gemini, and Currant in the backyard.


I also trialed a bunch of cherries and settled on Black Cherry, Sungold, and Blush.

Almost as identical as your list, Blush is similar to Lucky Tiger but I’ll have to try that one again :slight_smile: What was your favorite red cherry?


Try it with a fruity orange tomato.


I’m trying one I found here that sounded interesting.

Its supposed to be compact/determinate, tasty and disease resistant. I’ll sure know more after trying it.
Also going to grow Bear Claw, Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Omar’s Lebonese, and Stump of the World, and a red cherry too.