What tomatoes will you grow this year?


I grow Lemon Boy every summer. To me, it is a small to medium sized tomato, acidic (have to love acid for this one), beautiful color and a true lemon color! IMO I just love it! Sorry, this was meant for VSOP


Well then I can’t wait to taste Lemon Boy! It sounds great! And it sets like it thinks it’s a cherry tomato! I think I already have 20 tomatoes growing on the plant!


Yes, it sets like crazy, hope you like them, let me know!


We try to bury the whole thing. Saw a new bunch this evening that needs burying.


I can not wait for that sight on the counter top again. I am craving a tomato.

Ever since I started growing my own I have never bought one at the store.


I found the first tomato. It is formed from the first flower on Red pear Franchi. I did not expect this usually first flowers do not set any fruits.

This should be Chocolate stripes.

Next tomato is Amazon chocolate.

Many of the other tomatoes also have flowers.


Wish I had planted more of these.


What is the variety?



It is Early Girl Bush.


Beautiful. My tomatoes go into the ground this weekend. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Look excellent, Bill. What size is that pot?

I’ve germinated 50 tomato plants right now. Yes, I started a little late, I know. Need to buy lot of pots for them.


My Supersweet 100 is 4 feet tall and growing from at least 4 vines. It’s going to outgrow the cage in a few weeks at most.

The other 2, The Brandywine and Cherokee Purple on the other hand aren’t doing nearly so well. Not much growth.


Thanks. The pot is 4 or 5 gallon but I’m not certain. Do you plan to pot up 50 tomato plants?


A forum member kindly gave me tomato and pepper seeds. My husband went overboard, bought grow lights and other germination materials. The peppers do not germinate well at all.

We have 3-4 plants of about 17 different varieties so we probably will keep one each and give the rest away to family and friends.


Heat is the key, with heat they germinate very easy. They can take a touch longer.


My final list is:

Purple Bumble Bee
Pink Tiger’
Lemon Boy
Yellow Brandywine
Pink Brandywine
Mortgage Lifter
Amish Paste
Green Zebra
Only missing Sungold, can’t find it.


This year I’m growing:

Brandywine Suddiths
Amish Paste
San Marzano
Costoluto Genovese
Principe Borghese


Mrs. G.,

I did not have Sungold among the seeds that I germinated. Fortunately, Home Depot has plenty. I bought one and it looks better than all of my seedlings :blush:


I had so much happen, my original choices this year got put on hold while I grew some that were old, or I had damaged seed. I like the dark tomatoes so I’m trying a number of them I have not grown before. Not the easiest to grow.
Black From Tula is supposed to be one of the best darks, also fairly early at 70-80 days. The plant is very robust a good grower, the best this year. Well tied with Stump The World. Stump The World was part of the Ben Quisinberry Collection, which also contributed the variety Brandywine. Stump of the World is a bit smaller and more productive than Brandywine, but like Brandywine, offers outstandingly rich, complex flavor. Heirloom variety. Indeterminate. 80 days. A pink, with more acid than Brandywine, but may be a good alternative. The plants is a fantastic grower so far.
It won best tasting tomato at the 2008 Buffalo~Niagara Tomato TasteFest.

I’m also excited about Carbon Copy. Out of ten seeds I had, only one germinated. The plant then got hit by frost and I thought it was a goner. Well it held on even though all leaves were destroyed. it has a new set now. Only one inch tall, so set way back, but I will get seeds. I also have Carbon, but growing it next year. Winner of the 2005 “Heirloom Garden Show” best tasting tomato award. These have won taste awards coast to coast. I pushed off growing it, Now that I’m nearly done testing dark tomatoes it’s time.
So far Girl Girl’s, Indian Stripe, and Pink Berkeley Tye-Dye are the best ones. Paul Robeson also.
Others I’m trying are Black Seaman, and Tim’s Black Ruffles.