What tomatoes will you grow this year?


Drew, the Indian Stripe is potato leaf, and they are turning into beasts. They have some small fruit on them, and the plant seems to have less disease than others.

We had another half inch of rain tonight, so I’m sure that won’t help with diseases. But, we’re supposed to have 4 or 5 days of dry weather. Now that most of the plants have fruit, I’m going to give them some liquid fert. They’re also looking a bit pale, so that should help.


I have only grown paste tomatoes once and they were San Marzano. They made a great sauce. Froze some too. It was a real treat over pasta in Feb!


Sometimes stuff sprouts in my tomato bed and i leave it growing. Right now i see a citrus of some sort growing, some basil and this morning i saw this was blooming…

Must really love the rich soil in the veggie bed.


Ha Ha, so do I. The weeds.


Yeah…those are there too. I tend to have way more weed issues in my flower beds though.


Deer ate all the tomatoes planted by my house, but I have a plot at the community garden that is deer free so far. Getting cherries and a few others.
Chadwick, Lemon Drop, Chocolate Cherry and Sungold cherry tomatoes, a few Opalka paste types and one Stripped Mystery Beast. A few peppers thrown infor good measure.


Deer have hit our plots every morning the last few days. They’ve devastated our cukes, peas and sweet potatoes. The tomato patch has been hit as well, every day I see new damage and missing fruit.

I’m beyond furious, don’t know what to do. We have a bunch of old sheets, I was thinking of putting some up around the plots. I have to do something, or we won’t have anything to harvest.

That’s a nice variety of tom’s and peppers, @zendog. Glad you’re able to get some veggies before the deer do.


I found two volunteer tomato plants in my pots! One was with a pepper, the other with a peach seedling! (recycled soil). I have no idea what they are? I had a pot empty so transferred it to it’s own pot. the other I put in a raised bed. I took a photo of one.


Are you sure it’s deer and not a groundhog sneaking under your fishing wire?


Judging by the damage high up on the plants, I’m sure it’s deer. Some stalks have been bitten off about 3ft off the ground. Plus, the cloven hoof prints are hard to miss!

I reinforced the fences yesterday, and there wasn’t any new damage that I could tell today. That’s two days without any noticeable damage. Maybe the changed fence setup helped. For now.

The ends of the chewed stalks will have a greenish wet look to them soon afterwards. Then it callouses over and turns white then gray or a dull green. The plants will recover given a chance. What’s also aggravating is the unripe tom’s that are also pilfered, so we have to wait for new fruits to develop.

I’m not saying we don’t have groundhogs here, but I don’t think they are doing any damage. Rabbits are seen around here a lot, and I think they’ve been in the beans, but nothing else.

Sorta OT, but my wife says they call groundhogs, “whistlepigs” in these parts. That’s because they whistle when in danger, or are apprehended.


My first good harvest of the year. In this mix are Arbuznyi (the dark ones), Fantome du Laos (the whites), Box Car Willie, Hillbilly, and, I think, Eckerd Polish (the two pinks).


I really liked Chocolate stripes tomato, it is so far one of the two the most productive tomatoes this year. It is the earliest overall. This is the plant a couple days ago. The fruits started to ripen all at once (or pretty close to it).

Here they are today many of they are ripe.

They are the brick red color, the color on the on the last two pictures is too dark. They are not very meaty and have plenty of green gel. The taste is good. Chocolate stripes is overall very good, disease resistant and productive early variety.


Your tomatoes are outstanding! Beautiful color and size. I will not have tomatoes until Aug. can’t wait!!!


Chocolate Stripe was on my short list, but got cut this year. I’ll get to it next year for sure! I’m impressed by Tim’s Black Ruffles. I can’t speak for the tomatoes yet, but is appears to be super disease resistant, nothing is wrong with it and it does have a lot of fruit on it, production is decent. It’s dense leaves from top to bottom as the bottom leaves are perfect. I should remove some for air flow. Most of mine look like your Chocolate Stripes.
Bottom left

Bottom right


Those look great, Rob. Very unique varieties. So, the big question is, how do they rate flavor wise? Where did you get yer seeds for these exotic fruits?


Wow, that’s some fast ripening tomatoes! Your plants look sparse with the foliage, or is that just the way they look from that angle?


I removed all diseased foliage, so all growth is on the top and you do not see it. It looks like it does not matter if I spray, the leaves get diseased anyway. It happens every year at that time. I think the stress from tomato load gets them more susceptible to the disease pressure. They will begin to grow again when I remove ripe tomatoes. Chocolate stripes was one of the most resistant and lost its leaves only at the end.


OK, I can see the stubs where the limbs might have been.

My plants were showing disease about three weeks after they were planted. The conditions were perfect for it, very rainy, warm and humid conditions. Thankfully, this week it’s supposed to be very warm, and no rain.

I started to remove the bad parts, but have just give up on them for now. I have copper spray for them, but that’s supposed to be used before you see any disease. Right now, I’m more worried about “deer depletion disease” than anything else!


Drew, very nice tomatoes. It will be interesting to see black ruffled tomato.


‘Tim’s Black Ruffles’ is a cross between Black Krim and Zapotec Pink Pleated. Reported to be excellent. Seems to grow well here.[quote=“subdood_ky_z6b, post:278, topic:9320”]
My plants were showing disease about three weeks after they were planted.

Yeah the conditions were terrible, nothing you can do, the copper might have delayed it a week.
Why don’t you try Tim’s next year? I’ll send fresh seed. Mine now have the foliage diseases too, except Tim’s! I suggest Brandy Boy too, a hybrid or one or two other resistant hybrids.