What tomatoes will you grow this year?


This evening’s harvest. In addition to the tomatoes listed in my prior post, this haul also includes Earl’s Faux, Royal Hillbilly, and Chinese Velvet.

Like my previous harvest, the Earl’s Faux seeds came from The Sample Seed Shop. The Chinese Velvet and Royal Hillbilly seed came from Amishland Seeds. I don’t think the Royal Hillbilly are stable, as I get both regular leaf and potato leaf from the same seed pack.

If anyone likes white tomatoes, I recommend the Fatome du Laos. It was my first tomato to start ripening, and, so far, has out-produced my other eight tomato plants combined.



Wow mine are so close! I can’t ait to get some. My neighbor even beat me this year. No complaints, my plants look awesome and are loaded like crazy. I really only like the dark ones, and the really red (not pink) tomatoes. I’ll be showing mine off as soon as possible :slight_smile:Really nice mix of colors. I like to do that with raspberries! I like to see the insides too, so any cut up, take some photos.




How dense are they? And how do you rate the taste?


He said above he doesn’t eat them, he just gives them away!

Frankly, last year’s poor quality of my tom’s just about put me off on them. Hope this year’s harvest is better.

We got 3/4" of rain this morn, so that ought to give them a nice boost, especially after giving them some liquid fert earlier this week. Some of my plants are getting so tall that some of the tall branches are falling over. I had to lash them to some tall stakes.


OK. @RobThomas Wondering how others like them then - the white ones, that is. Although we’ve settled in on what we like taste-wise and ease-of-processing-wise, I’m looking to try a white tomato - maybe 1 plant, if anyone has recommendations.
The knarly shapes are hard to process but those white ones seem to have a nice globe shape.


I would like to know too, I’m thinking they are like the yellows, a little acidic maybe?

Funny I did the same thing. Well not falling over yet, but with the amount of flowers they will be. So I added stakes and tied them to it. Over the tomato cage at this point.I have a lot of flowers and fruit on most, not all, it’s just taking forever to ripen this year.


I grew a couple whites last year, Great White and Cream Sausage. GW didn’t produce a lot of fruit that were ripe enough to get a good sampling of, it seemed to be pretty productive.

CS were very wispy delicate plants, but they did produce some decent size Roma-like fruit. They had an interesting flavor, not real ‘tomatoey’, tho. My wife liked them better than me. We have two plants this year and they have been very productive. They started out looking kinda wimpy and limpy, but have shaped up well. Both plants are about 3ft tall, not real big, but it looks like they will be the first to ripen. That is, if the weather and varmits will allow it.

The fruit looks more of a pale yellow than cream on these plants right now, maybe they will change to a whiter tint when ripe.


Yeah, I was thinking of maybe running these taller branches on a line between the stakes. Almost like training them like beans on a horizontal plane (a tomato espalier??). The tallest branches are about 6ft, and the tallest stakes are about 4.5ft.

They are really getting unwieldy at their height now. I’m lucky they didn’t snap off when they tumped over. I guess the rain softened them up enough to prevent that.

It looks like all of the plants have at least one fruit on them now. The combo of some rain and fert ought to really get them producing. They seemed to have rebounded well after the deer assaults.

They all have some disease, but that has abated in the hot weather over the last week. We had almost an inch of rain today, which they really needed. May get a bit more rain over the weekend. We’re getting a bit of rain now, with some lightning

The latest varmit has been those nasty fat, green hornworms. I picked one off yesterday that had eggs on it! I think it’s wasp larvae, from what I’ve read? Shoulda got a pic of it, but it was too disgusting. So I flailed it into the weeds. They can defoliate a branch in no time, so I have to be on the lookout for them.

Speaking of weeds I got in the pepper patch and cleared out the rows between the plants. At noon. I was a soppy mess afterwards. I still need to get to the weeds amongst the tom plants. They seem to grow half a foot a day!


<img src="//growingfruit-images.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/original/3X/d/8/d8d87455eda766ed6d818451ab9a4f9e773a7ab3.jpg" width=“562” height


And in my open (ie. unfinished greenhouse) more Sun Gold and Sun Sugar.

Harvesting a pint every couple of days. Yum! Like eating candy!!!


I am at a wholesale market now. It sells some produce to people in a farmers’ market kind of deal.

Everything is below a supermarket price. The one that seems expensive is heirloom tomatoes. It’s priced at $3.59 a lb. I never know that heirloom tomatoes are that expensive.

While Gala apples sell for only 50 cents a lb here.


To make up for low yields, they have to sell for more. Or grow greenhouse hybrids instead.


The feedback that I get is that they are mild flavored, low acid. Not good for canning, but good for fresh eating.


I had been so busy that I have no time to report on tomatoes. Maybe later. Here is one picture. When the tomatoes stop fitting on my counter I know that it is time to make salsa.


Nice. What are the pink oxhearts? Aren’t the big Roma type on the lower right those Romeos you’ve been talking about?

Our Pink Honey plants are putting out lots of oxheart fruit, but are still green. We actually don’t have hardly any that are ripe yet, but we didn’t plant out until 6 weeks ago.


Mary, those are fantastic. I have only had tomatoes in my gardens like that about three or four times. They are the best aren’t they?


I have a good year for tomatoes. The weather is on the dry side and they do not get much disease or cracking. Big pink oxhearts are Hungarian heart tomatoes, they are large delicious and productive, very good tomatoes. The long paste tomatoes on the right are Polish Linguisa. They are also quite large and productive, not so paste type as they are juicy, but they have very few seeds. Pear type in the middle front are Red pear franchi, they are not ripe yet. Romeos are on the back and they are not easy to see. The very back is for Yablochniy Lipetskiy tomato, they are also very large, productive and tasty. I am going to post the pictures of each variety separately with the description when I have time for it.


I do not want to can them, because they look so good, but nothing lasts forever.


Pink Ox Hearts are Cuore di Bue, they come in Pink, but I think they are better tasting in red. i wiil show you mine when they ripen.


Yeah the tomatoes look great Maria, Mine are a little behind this year, but still a decent haul. I like Polish Linguisa, very good, and a late one here. I usually get mine ready early but with figs and other plants, and obligations this year I didn’t have time to start them early. I probably won’t for a few years. I’m doing some major projects each spring, not garden related.