What tomatoes will you grow this year?


Just harvested these tomatoes today.



Has anyone else grown King of Siberia? For me, it has a unique dough-like taste to it. I’ve never tasted that in another tomato. It was fairly surprising the first time I tasted it, but it seems to be consistent in all the KoS’s I’ve had this year.


I think King of Siberia translates to Korol Sibiri, which I did grow a couple years ago. I believe it was a yellow oxheart variety?

Anyway, what i remember is that the plant was kinda weepy looking, but quite productive. I don’t remember it having a dough like flavor though. To me it was OK, just a mild yellow variety, not real flavorful. But, I didn’t get to try too many of them as the plant got hit with disease and didn’t ripen enough of them.


As a follow-up to my earlier post. This year I planted the tomatoes in a new area. We have tomatoes coming out of our ears. There are also some volunteers that came up where the blighted ones grew last year. They are also fine. I didn’t do anything any differently than I did last year, and the weather was similar. Go figure!