What treatment when BROWN ROT is on the fruit

Just found BROWN ROT on one of my nects. Right now it is affecting (visible, I am sure that there is more that has not progressed ) about 5% of the fruit.

So other than removing the visibly affected fruit, is there any treatment?

They are about one week from ready and by that time there will be nothing left.

I could strip the whole harvest and ripen them indoors but is there another option


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If you have Indar, it does a pretty good job arresting the brown rot for me. If you don’t have Indar, I’d spray some fungicide on the remaining fruit. Captan has a 0 PHI, like Indar.




Will do.

I took all of the obviously infected fruit and put them in a bucket with bleach water. No time to set fire.


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Due to Indar no brown rot this year.