What Tree is This?

I went to a local city’s botanical garden today and although the ladies in the gift shop said there were no fruiting plants,I did take a few photos of these trees that were planted in the parking lot.
Are they some kind of nut?The flower/fruit is like a hard pod. Brady


looks like a persimmon tree

Some sort of witch hazel.


Corylopsis (winter hazel) would be my first guess.

Alnus (Alder) a ‘second guess’, or just maybe Fothergilla

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Thanks,maybe hamamelis virginiana?Brady

That would be the most-likely bet, Brady.

Similar to @BlueBerry my impression out of the gate was fothergilla but I couldn’t remember ever seeing seed pods like that on fothergilla. Then hazel was immediate impression… and since no nut trees in the collection I assumed witch hazel.

Hamamelis virginiana is what you’re going to find 9 of 10 times of any of the witch hazels growing in gardens.