What type of pear tree is this?

Hi there,

Recently moved into a house that has a mature pear tree. I’m trying to figure out the pear tree type. Based on my internet search, I think it’s an Asian Pear tree but I’m not certain. If it’s an Asian Pear tree, I’d like to know which one of possible.

Appreciate your thoughts.


I’m not an expert by far but to help matters how about a picture of the leaves too.

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Thank you for your help!

My asian pears are more of a sphere shape.

The leaves look like a European pear. Can you give a size reference to compare the pear to? Also where are you located? Ripening time can help identify it based on location.

Winter nelis?


Absolutely! And I’m located in San Antonio, TX. Zone 9 I believe.


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Looks like it is a Winter Nelis. Thank you snowflake!
Now time to figure out the best pruning strategy…

Actually… It looks like Keifer too. How can I tell the difference?

How many ‘grit’ cells near the core? Kieffer will have plenty.

Not entirely sure what I’m looking at but does this picture help?

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Does it taste awful? Then Kieffer :slight_smile: Not sure that’s a kieffer shape though.


Can’t tell. but if you eat it…and it’s all smooth like Bosc or Bartlett or Anjou…or if it’s like eating sand or gravels when you get into the middle near the seeds…
should be grit cells if a Kieffer.
So, that was a guess, on my part, not a positive ID. But lots of grit would make Kieffer a likely candidate.

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Thank you both. I didn’t taste it because I had just pulled it off the tree. Figured I’d let one ripen for a few days and then dig in. :+1:

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