What would you buy with $50 at Burpee?

Currently all set on brambles, persimmons, blueberries, figs, pawpaws, and kiwis. I have a fully covered grape trellis that will produce first crop next year, so it’s not graftable yet.

That being said, open to any suggestions for fruit, veg, or perennial herbs.

Seeds. If you have a coupon you need to use and don’t know for what…buy seeds.
And SEAL and FREEZE them for use anytime in the next 100 years.


Any burpee specifics you’ve had good success with/recommend?

Not really…I’ve gotten their catalog off and on over the last 55 or so years…but seldom order from them.

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Maybe a self fertile tree like a peach tree. That being said I have never bought off of burpee. The ratings seem lower than other sites on their products and their prices are higher.


Ribes or Honeyberries, if you have shade?

What’s a good Alabama currant variety? My sole Consort set fruit in Y1 but has nothing this year. I did have to relocate it though.