What's a good way to store five apple rootstocks for a few days? I don't have any sawdust

What’s a good way to store five apple rootstocks for a few days? I don’t have any sawdust.
Until I get time to pot them in nursery pots with potting mix to be grafted.

Heal them in the ground in the shade if you aren’t worried about them waking. Just make a little shallow trench. Lay them in it with the tops sticking out a bit and cover up. Maybe put some chicken wire around if rabbits are a concern.

I wish i had time to do that. But im going to be really busy for a few days when they are delivered. Im looking for something quick simple

Wrap some moist newspaper around the roots and put them in the beer fridge.


I’d put the root part in a plastic bag. Ad some slightly moist (not wet) coco choir. And loosely wrap the bag around the bundle. So the roots still get some air but don’t loose their moisture fast.

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how are they packaged from the supplier? i’ve ordered from the same company for several years now and trust their packaging. i would have no worries leaving them in the box in a cool place for a few days. Have done so many times without issue. Mine typically come with the roots wrapped tightly in plastic with some type of moist material packed around roots.


Everyone should have a compost pile…

Great place to temp plant stuff.

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Almost every place I’ve ordered rootstock from has an answer to that question; in some cases, the warranty depends on it. Whether you need them to stay dormant is generally a factor of light and temperature.
Otherwise you’re just keeping them moist with enough airflow potential to keep mold/mildew/rot from speeding up, but not so much air as to let the roots dry/die. The last ones I knew I was going to neglect for longer than I trusted leaving them i nthe shipping packaging in the garage did just fine all in one bucket with some decent soil/compost filled in around them.

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Get a bag of soil and put it on the roots, water it, put a tarp on top.

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Do as @leeGA stated and as long as they are kept cool/cold they will be fine for a short time. Unheated garages or extra fridge space work for me in my location

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Thanks for all the advice everyone I appreciate it