What's ailing my peach?

Zone 7, south jersey. I was doing a lime-sulfur dormant oil spray and noticed this growth:

Not liking the look, I trimmed off the branch and dissected it. Mottled brown, firm interior on the growth only. Naturally, I forgot to get a photo. Is this probably localized? I’m new to fruit trees so I’m at a loss here.

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I’ve been growing hundreds and hundreds of peach trees for years in S. NY and never seen galls like that. If no one here has an answer I would forward that photo to your cooperative extension horticulturist who can use the full power of Rutgers and their entomology and plant pathology departments, which do a lot of work with commercial peach growers in your state.


Looking again, isn’t that a plum tree? If so, then it is early stage black knot.

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Could also be a pear tree. I’ve seen similar growths on pears, but
they’re usually at tips of a branch. I just leave them alone.

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You may be be right, those look like pear buds- so pointy. But I’ve never seen that on a pear’s young (or old) trunk. The growths you are talking about are spur formations that store energy for fruit, I think.

I have no pears or plums. I suppose it’s possible for the nursery to make a mistake but right now I’m operating like it is a peach.

Take a few more pics of that trees andpost them, please.

Some people here may be able to tell from its buds ( flowers and leave buds), the bark or a shape of your trees.

I am almost certain those buds don’t belong to a peach. J plum buds are pointy but don’t usually protrude like that.

It is more than possible for a nursery to make a mistake, it is common. Depending partially on the nursery in question, of course.

I’m a new user so they will only allow me to post one picture at a time. Please, bear with me.

I am no expert. I went out and looked at my peach trees comparing to plum and pears. The buds on your tree are very short, flat and pointy, if I were to guess, I’d say it’s a plum tree. Some may even say it’s a pear.

I hope @Olpea, @scottfsmith, @fruitnut et all, chime in. They are much more experienced.

Has the tree ever blossomed out,like last year,or is this one new?bb

E. Plum.

Not sure what’s up with the last pic. 1/2 of it almost looks photo shopped.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell one dormant tree from the next. Limited info (which is the nature of dormant trees) makes it hard sometimes.

Honestly, the first pic looks like a different tree than the second pic. Quite a bit different.

The second and fourth pic look like an E. plum to me.

Not sure about the 3rd and 5th pic.

You’ll probably tell me they are all pics of the same tree, but they look different to me (like I say the last one looks like something bizarre is going on).

I can say none of the pics are peaches.

I figured out that the last pic was a close up pic taken with a wooden stake in the back ground. That’s why the wood had two different colors and textures. If you look at the pic of the whole tree, you’ll that wooden stake next to the tree.

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That looks to me like a pear tree, no idea what the growths are.

Oh, Ok.

I’d agree with fruit grower then. It looks like a pear tree overall. I see those growths on pear trees. But as I mentioned, dormant trees can be hard to identify. Not a lot of markers.

Thank you, everyone! I’m vastly disappointed that my peach is probably not a peach but seems to be a pear of some sort. I will think of it like a surprise and see what comes of it. I guess that just means I need to get myself a new tree! I’m currently trying to find a nursery with an Easternglo nectarine but it looks like I need to wait until next year. I’m open to any recommendations for a yellow, sweet, juicy, and acidic nectarine!

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