What's causing my asian pear blossoms to disappear?

Anyone know what’s damaging or eating my asian pear blossoms?

Just went to go look at bloom progress and found about 50% of the flower heads missing. Not sure if its insect, disease or a normal process - almost looks like it got burned off completely. The asian pear was just transitioning from bloom to petal fall.

I know I have some blisters mites but I didn’t think they caused damage this bad.

I’ve seen squirrels eat serviceberry blossoms (amalanchier). Caterpillars will eat also.

Besides squirrels, it could be birds.

Birds will eat blooms from my Oneal blueberry…

Thanks for the advice guys, i was worried it was fire blight but it didn’t look like any photos i saw online.

Looks like i am going to have to bag blossoms or something.

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To put a positive spin on it, you won’t have to thin as much this year.:wink: