What's coming up in the garden?

Turnips,Lima Beans , beets, potatoes, radishes, asparagus, squash,


First crop. White Radishes. Taste is delicious. I should have left some of them to get bigger. Just wasn’t thinking I guess…


The garden is Exploding! This is my first year in a long time and I’m kinda proud how things are coming. Just wanted to show it off a bit…


Looks beautiful- you’re almost ready to harvest stuff I’m just getting started on!

I am in N. Florida and we do get a bit of a head start. I already took a bunch of radishes, Turnips, Squash, Potatoes won’t be to far down the road and the Beets, Green beans, Lima beans Onions are just behind those. We’ll have a good bit of produce done here by mid July and planting some more…Now i just keep the diseases and bugs away looks like it will be a nice harvest year! Best of luck to everyone with their gardens this year…I just love seeing them all come to fruition!

How long will they last in those bags?

Our stuff is just getting started, then we got 2" of rain in 1/2 hr…

In a day or so I’ll get back in there and try to fix some things up. I had a couple blow outs on the green beans, and the carrot area got hammered. The toms, peppers, cucs, and potatoes did fine though.


Now that’s a good question. I vacuum packed them just cause that’s what I had. I can’t talk longevity because they are all eaten already! I’ll have to use the Packing for something else and try to see how long it lasts. I imagine it’s pretty good without any air in it…Still…great question…

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Radishes are the best straight out of the soil when they are firm and have that peppery flavor. When I put them in the fridge for a few days they remain edible, but get a little limp. I was hoping the vacuum sealing would keep them good for awhile.

I grow French Breakfast Radishes. Slice them up and fry with butter and salt until they are a light brown. Delicious.

I totally agree. I will say I kept one bag in my camper fridge. They were there for a full week unopened and Saturday we’re just as crisp and good as the ones o took home and ate immediately. That nice spicy peppery taste was definitely still there with the ones at the camper and every bit as crisp s the fresh ones. I just can’t speak to anything past a week… Those are the White Icicles…

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So tidy and organized, nice job. Guess the fencing is for deer?

What varieties of tomatoes are you trying this year?

Wow, y’all got pummeled. It doesn’t look too bad, though. Last year we had 3.5" of rain in an hour and a half. I had just planted a row of strawberries when it hit. Pretty much washed all of them up. One of our plots had some significant erosion also, and we had just planted corn and beans there. But those recovered alright, ended up with a good crop.

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Nothing yet. But yesterday evening we finally got our potatoes planted. I tilled up the plot, and the Missus planted 4 varieties- Red Pontiac, Kennebec, an unknown small white variety from a neighbor (maybe Irish Cobbler?), and a small amount of Yukon Gold. She also put a bunch of red, yellow and white onion sets in a row next to the taters.

I put down some lime and fert on two other plots while she did the planting. I’m going to till that in later today, before the rains hit tonight.

We bought some peppers and tomatoes that need to be planted this week, but if the ground’s muddy, they’ll have to wait.

Well every year we save seeds from the heirloom ones we just have to have, so I’ve got 3 San Marzano, 2 Brandywine (Sudduth), and 2 Neves Azorean Red. This year Drew sent me some Romeo so I also have one of those in. Then I put in Black Krim just a couple days ago just to see what all the fuss is about with that one.

Then for Hybrid I put in one each of Super Sweet 100, Sun Sugar, Early Girl and Big Beef.

Yes the fence is for deer, and it works for now even though I know they can jump it - they just don’t generally during the garden season. I do think I’ll extend the posts so I can run an additional wire and some flags just as an added measure.


All of our annuals are starting to grow like weeds!



One of many tomato plants:





Peaches and cream sweet corn:






The eggplant, spaghetti squash and delicata squash are also doing well. As are the red thai chilis, bell peppers, pimento peppers and shisito peppers. We are supposed to get 7+ days of rain which could ruin everything overnight. All of that humidity may introduce a boat load of fungal problems. Praying to god it doesn’t.


Very Nice…I was just asking in another thread about my garlic. It hasn’t come up yet . I have had another strange occurrence. I have planted green onions( Bunching), from everything I read they grow through anything. I have planted twice now with different seeds and got nothing? Strange…