What's Eating my Raspberries & Blackberries?

Hi All! Hope everyone’s having a Happy Fruit Growing Season so far. I could use some help identifying and hopefully deterring whatever hated insect is eating up my Fallgolds and my wild Himalayas. Big nibbles are being eaten from the leaves. I live in Northern California, Zone 7A, at 3,500 feet, if that helps at all. I don’t know if anyone remembers this, but I was the one who dug up the wild Himalayas for my new blackberry bed. So far, no rust or disease of any kind, other that a little powdery mildew and a touch of leaf spot, both easily controlled so far. I’m going to go knock on wood now, before all this patting myself on the back backfires! Any help is gratefully accepted, and many thanks for the advice I’ve received in the past. You all are wonderful! Thanks in advance. NorCal Pat

The only thing I can think of is deer or leaf cutter bees. These are from leaf cutters.

Leaf cutter bees

Leaf cutter bee activity in any one area is usually brief; after the local bees have made their nests the leaf notching will cease.