What's flowering in your garden?

As of today, about 80% of my fruit trees are either starting to bloom or they are in full bloom, and they are:

My multi-graft pluot
Flavor Delight aprium
Spice Zee Nectaplum
Bella Gold Peacotums
Mariposa plum
Santa Rosa Plum
Sweet Treat Pluerry
Gold Kist Apricot.

I wish I could say we are at least headed out of the depths here, but our forecast low is 0F tonight, ouch :grimacing: It hasn’t gotten below 0 here for at least five years.

I did have a pleasant surprise a few minutes ago, I put away a big bag of GoldRush last fall and forgot I did it. I just pulled one out and ate it. I am surprised at how crisp it is, hardly any different from when I put it in the bag.


The weatherman,

What zone are you in? You are way ahead of me. I’m in central MA. We had -7F and -30 with windchill last night. Our pipes were frozen this morning. All trees are dormant but it’s brutally cold even now (at -2 F).

Scott, I put in a Gold Rush last year. It’s on M7. It did not grow much (poor soil). I probably have to wait 2-3 more years. Can’t wait.

Hi weatherman,

Post some pictures to make us all have hope for an eventual Spring! It is only about 14 degrees outside where I am, with lows in the single digits forcast for 3 or 4 nights this week. Wasn’t last winter supposed to be the cold one? I’m 7a, just outside washington, DC.

Glad you joined us over here.

I’ll try a picture of my greenhouse.

These are second leaf nectarine on Lovell spaced 2ft by 6ft once I get rid of the old trees after harvest this summer. I’m pretty cruel, tree finishes bearing and gets whacked off at the knees!!

I’m in SoCal, zone 8b, elevation 2800 feet.

How do I post a picture?

Look above when typing. There is a symbol that looks like a picture in the reply box. When you put your cursor on that symbol it says upload. Click on that and select your picture. After it uploads you can format it to the right where it previews.

mariposa plum.

Bella Gold Peacotum

multi graft pluot

Spice zee nectaplum

flavor delight aprium

Thanks for posting those pics fruitnut and weatherman. So nice to see flowers that could be in our future.

Will you be planting those all out in the ground weatherman or are you going to keep them in pots?

Here’s another row of trellised stone fruit in my greenhouse. The row is 34 ft long and has 25 trees spaced about 18 inches apart. Tree height will be 6ft and canopy width about 2ft. Two older trees were moved and the other trees planted as grafted or rootstock a yr ago.

Varieties are:
Selah, Bing, Cowickie, Sandra Rose, and Benton cherries on G5 or Newroot1
Ranger, Redhaven, Sweet Dream, Valley Sweet, and Tangos peaches on K1 and Lovell
Arctic Star, Honey Royale, Honey Blaze, Honey Diva, Ambre, Raspberry Red, Speckled Egg, Arctic Rose, Arctic Queen, Arctic Jay, Spice Zee, and Sauzee King nectarines on K1 and Lovell
Sugar Pearls, Tomcot, Robada, and Orangered apricots on K9 and Lovell
Carmine Jewel tart cherry and Emerald Beaut plum

An orchard in 34 ft!! One of six new rows in my greenhouse.

Beautiful pics. Nothing in bloom here yet, but for better or worse, I think I’m next.

nta Rosa plum

Santa Rosa plum

Fruitnut, is there any chance you have a photo from the front of one of those rows? I’d love to see how you handle training the branches when they are so close. Very impressive operation.

They’re trained as a simple fan now. Depending on spacing each tree may end up with one or two upright branches with fruiting spurs only. Every 2yrs or so a branch would be renewed by pruning it down low.

Can you spot a bonsi Carmine Jewel in 2nd photo? Don’t know if it will even bloom, ever!!

That’s very helpful to see.

One more question about your trees. What is your prunning schedule to keep them at 6 feet? Is that something that is mostly accomplished by dormant prunning or do you need to prune multiple times each year to keep them there?

Thanks again.

p.s. It took me a while to notice that CJ. That sure looks tiny when you compare it to the flowers on its neighbors.