What's going on here

Ups just dropped this off. Opened the totally sound box to find a necrotic pear broken in half. :disappointed:

It appears you were sent a broken tree. I’d want a replacement.


Part of me wonders if it was UPS or the nursery. I do think it comes down to the nursery either way though. Part of the reason good nurseries pack their trees so well is they know they have to prepare for the worst. It can get delayed by being sent to the wrong place, delayed due to weather or in this case likely crushed by a package. I work at USPS and how it works with us is we get the packages all together on a pallet from the main place it gets processed. It can get damaged there or it can get damaged in the next process where we through all the packages in the hampers. Basically what I am saying is more than likely your package got put under a heavy package that snapped it. Best choice of action is to go to the seller and show them pictures. They should replace it for you.


That looks like it’s been very dead for at least a few days. Sorry for your luck, I’d definitely take some good photos and still try planting. IF the broken top has green wood, you can always trying snipping the dead portion and grafting the good parts back together. Certainly wouldn’t hurt to try…

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It had definitely been 90% rotted through about 3 ft up the tree for a long time. looks like it was barely whole when put in the box. Tree was from Stark My question is what’s the black necrosis caused by…
fireblight or just lying on the floor of a wet cooler for 9 months??