What's happening today - 2018 edition


You mean it’ll cook the trees? I left the very top open. And it’s only until things dry.


Crossbow will definitely kill most trees…but if there is no wind/breeze, covering was not necessary if you were using a hand sprayer.

I found Crossbow useless trying to kill monkey grass.


I have this plant,probably bought from a local nursery,a couple years ago.labeled as a Negronne Fig.
The place closed last year,so there is no taking the thing back.
So far,two fruit have ripened this year,falling off when touched,very soft,with no sap at the stem.
The flavor reminds me of a mild Honeydew melon. Brady


I have an extra Petite Negri , but ironically it looks like I might have mis-labeled it! The first leaves look wrong, but early leaves are often like this. So not sure? It should be correct. I’m very careful, but man it looks not right!

Here is one I started in February. It produced half a dozen figs it’s first year and I like them better than VdB or Valle Negra which are other black figs. The little one was an extra cutting
in the fridge I rooted outside in a pot in mid June.

It’s only in a one gallon pot and over 2 feet tall. I will transfer to a 10 gallon root pouch this fall or next spring.

You can have the little one if you want it? I think it’s PN? :slight_smile: Just PM me your address if you want it. Oh these do seem to have FMV


Not recent but thinking about planting out the garlic soon, I forgot about my garlic braid photos for this year. Garlic harvest was the best in awhile.


They look great!


Found my first, ever, stink bug on a windowsill outdoors. Where there is one there are probably hundreds on the way. Why so late in the season are they coming out?


( are they coming out " )
They are trying to get IN ! ! ! …


Ok, what is the spray to keep them out?


Emerald beaut plum,very good! Very crunchy and sweet with a nice acid balance. This one was 24 brix, I have been picking them for a couple weeks and they keep getting better


Nice braiding!


I’m surprised these didn’t have much flavor, Sweet Bagel was one of the most flavorful peaches I grew. I put “rich and smooth” in my log one year and thats also what I remember. It could be its mainly relative to Indian Free that they are not stacking up, that peach is a hard one to compete with :grinning:


That might be the case, I also just got done eating the Rio Oso Gems which were exceptional. My sweet bagel is on Nemaguard, my only tree on this rootstock, maybe that has an effect as well?


Thanks very much Drew,but Petite Negri is already in my collection too.I think the plant came from Edible Landscaping and they have been fine with me on other orders.That one did fruit and resembled Violette de Bordeaux.Brady


Hillbilly is right. Stink bigs are searching for warmth this time of year. They would love to over-winter in your house. Fortunately for me I rarely ever see them in my house. My attached garage is another story. Although it’s not heated, stink bugs really love it. Unfortunately for me, when I’m home my garage doors are nearly always open . So it’s nearly impossible to keep them out of my garage.


Yeah I forgot EL sold that one! I thought maybe you didn’t have a black fig. Negronne and all black figs like VdB taste similar. Others are Nero 600 and Galicia Negra. I think Kathleen’s Black too.Here is my list if you need any I can root or air layer them. I owe you plants. Just PM me, if you wish to try any.
fig list2.txt (2.3 KB)


I learned something new.A man was walking around the property,contracted by the city,where my job is and tying flagging tape to some Birch trees.He told me they were infected by the Bronze Birch Borer.The telling evidence is the dying tops.Apparently,there is a chemical,probably a systemic,that can be used,but is expensive.So,they will be cut down eventually.That’s too bad.They have a nice shape and unique bark.
Here is a picture of one,showing the upper crown damage.Brady

Also,a website about the insect.


I think they’re worst on clump birches. I lost a birch tree to them


That’s terrible. Birch trees are beautiful and seemingly very tough. Sad…


My neighbors persimmon tree. It is loaded. They are such a strange fruit. The skin is very thick and the ripe ones are like seedless jelly.