What's happening today - 2018 edition


Boo! thumbs down to this post. lol I can’t handle that 3 years in a row…


I was in my orchard yesterday and looking at my new peach buds, many of them are already dead. Brown, dried and not happy, me either!


just got done snowblowing the yard when the 20in. on my metal roof garage decided to come down! dogs almost went thru the windows! going to be a long winter! not even dec. yet and we have 2ft. on the ground. snowmobile trails are opened and groomed if anyones interested. earliest I’ve ever seen in my 47 yrs. :wink:


They just added another month onto the front of winter - did they think we wouldn’t notice?


Things warmed up this afternoon, so I took my tissue cultured fuzzy kiwi vines and olive tree on the balcony for some sun.


Likely a stupid question but I thought peach buds set in the spring - is it normal to set in the fall? If this is normal why are they dying?


Frost and too cold.


From the past month. Finally figured out how to upload photos.


Very nice looking fruit!! Beautiful area you live!


7.2 quake with an epicenter about 20 miles away this morning was the most interesting quake I’ve felt. Most area residences have some mess with broken glass and such and a few reports of gas or water leaks. Lots of power outages, some roads damaged, and inspections and assessments all over. I might have expected the earth to shake if I’d just placed another tree order, but this was random.


Its raining in California.


When I took out the trash last week I looked over my little orchard. Horrors! I hadn’t looked closely at the lone North Star sour cherry in months - and it had canker spread through several crotch angles, and low down.

No, I had not cleared the sod out to the drip line. No, I had not given it a compost top-dressing this year. It is quite young and produced 1 1/2 gallons pitted fruit in '18. Stressed, and I had not anticipated it.

It’s cut down now, and I’ll wrap the stump with a heavy copper wire to put it out of its misery. (Low level cupric poisoning.)

All the other trees (apples) are being relieved of the burden of competing with sod. For those not already with mulch to the drip line, I’m smothering the sod with sheets of corrugated cartons and covered those with pine shavings. Lesson learned.

Oh, and plenty of rain; occasional wind; less than two inches snow so far this season. Looks like a Seattle winter for us this time around.


Could you please tell me more about Suzee swirl peach? flavor and if there was any BAC spot disease? thank you.


The flavor had depth (some twang to go along with the sweetness). Skin was thin enough that it didn’t bother my wife (she has a texture thing). The fruit was firm enough to not be messy, which can be a problem for us down here… no diseases or problems except for peach tree borers, which weren’t enough to kill them, but still a pest. I dont use ANY pesticides or sprays… wait until they give slightly for the best flavor!


Be glad Terrell County convicts aren’t “maintaining” your road.

This is the entrance to our road.

A small pond.


On the bright side, 28 F didn’t seem to affect my loquat flowers.


I hope you have a 4WD!


gotta love that red georgia clay! good ol’ boys would have fun in that! :wink:


Lol, the county stopped access past our property.


What’s past there? How else to get to it?


The road is intersected by two paved highways. I am not sure how far up it is blocked off. There is a creek down the hill past the orange barrels. I assume they don’t want anyone going towards the creek bridge, which was terrifying a couple of months ago. I guess my one neighbor north of me can access his driveway.