What's happening today - 2018 edition


@Mpigg I see you’ve done your nails… :slight_smile:


Travel gas stations usually sell dried fruit, nuts, jerky. That is what I get there for long trips. Just need to drink lots of water with dried items.


I just bought four pounds of dehydrated Montmorency cherries from a co. in Traverse City Mi. I also bought 12 bags of mixed dehydrated fruit. They are blueberries, cranberries soaked in cherry juice then dehydrated and three different sour cherries. I think all together I got about seven pounds plus shipping. I paid $70 but they taste great! I like the sour cherries the best. I pop one at a time in my mouth and savor it. It’s just like a small taste of cherry pie. I’ll Be making some with my cherries for sure once they get going.


That’s awesome to hear John! maybe i can make a few bucks in retirement if I can get all my stuff growing good,Great story. Thanks for sharing it. Really…Appreciated. Off Subject…Have you or any of the other guys found results from the Indar?


Got some blossoms on my honeyberry! Can’t remember which variety it is but it’s either a Blue Pagoda or Blue Hokkaido from Indiana Berry. No fruit for me this year unfortunately since this is just the first year and there’s no pollinator. Looking forward to trying some next year! At the very least I can bake them up in a tart or something

Also got a super tiny gooseberry blossom! I know I should pick it off (and I will reluctantly) but I was curious what the flowers look like.

(picture quality is not the best since these were taken with my 5 year old phone :stuck_out_tongue: )


i had only indigo treat, indigo gem set some blooms for me last year and i got a few berries. they are from the same parentage so they aren’t supposed to pollinate each other or be self pollinating. i have no idea how the flowers got pollinated. none of my neighbors even know what a honey berry is. i put in aurora mid summer last year but it didn’t blossom. this year all 3 have some flowers.


All of the stuff I’ve read said that haskaps / honeyberries aren’t supposed to be self pollinating so that’s very interesting! Maybe there’s some other berry nearby that’s compatible. Either way I plan on picking off these flowers for the plant’s health but I wanted to see what they looked like before I did so.


I’ll know better in a month when the sweet cherries are getting ripe. The brown rot shows up just before they are ripe and after. I didn’t have it on any other fruit trees, but now that it showed up it might be after all. I sprayed all my trees. I still need to get an alternating spray fungicide as recommended by the state, so the brown rot doesn’t grow immune to Indar.


All my honey berries are loaded with fruit in their second year. They are so vigorous I don’t think I would be worried about them fruiting. These bushes get so pretty with their leaves after growing about eight inches they get like a fluorescent hue to the leaves. I think they look cool. It goes away though as grow more out and get mature leaves.


got my 1st 2 from Hartmanns and they were slow to establish. planted them in fall and i didn’t think they made it they’ve been in ground for 3 yrs and are only 12in. have about a doz. blooms ea. and showing some good new growth. the aurora i planted was from HBUSA was already 12in. and has 5 flowers this year. was split by the snow but i taped it back together and its growing nicely. i probably should have planted in mounds as most plants have a hard time spreading their roots in my rocky soil.


The last cherry blossoms of the year, on my little Evans Bali tree. Going to have a good harvest this year, it’s 3rd in my yard.

Haskaps forming
Are these little grape-lettes? If they are it will be a miracle, I thought the rabbits completely destroyed this grape it’s first year, and the Japanese beetles, it’s second year. I have no idea what kind it is, lost the tag. Whoops.
This is Yezberry haskap, Solo, from One Green World. It came bare root, while Yezberry Maxi came in a gallon pot. The potted one is doing a lot better, has much less yellow leaves, and so far has held onto the dozen or so berries it arrived with.
This is my new Juliet cherry, from Honeyberry USA- it is WAY larger than I imagined- the roots were impressive and had been trimmed vigorously.
This is wild sarsaparilla, which I got last May at a school plant sale. It promptly died after I planted it, or so I thought, but is alive! Woo! Behind that is a DOA frontenac gris grape from RH Shumway. That’s whassup today.


I’m going to have far too many plums this year, every branch is loaded like this.

Also my Peters honey fig is pushing out some fruits. Hopefully they ripen this year.


First passion fruit blossom of the year for me. Hopefully it’s a good year!


Looks like a good one. Can you share the link for buying it?


Here you go… https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00722IKYW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Speaking of honeyberries, mine are forming fruit now. The Russians are setting first, then the Japanese cultivars a couple weeks behind. Both have fruit now.

@Bradybb The cultivar you sent me last year has a few flowers. it is the latest to flower. I could probably use another Japanese cultivar that is late. Solo does have a few flowers on it yet, so i might get fruit? You can see flowers at 3:00 O’clock.

I was hoping to get Giant’s Heart cuttings this fall if @Chills plant is still alive?
It is a Japanese cultivar that produces fruit in the Sweet Plus category.

My White Gold Cherry tree is setting fruit. Sizes vary, so harvesting is going to go on over a week or more.

Carmine Jewel is setting fruit.


The link you posted is a link for some pesticide, I was asking about the link for the dehydrator.


Sorry about that. here ya go…https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076HFCW4R/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1




my 3 havent budded yet! its one of the latest to leaf out here.