What's happening today - 2018 edition


Peonies have to bloom by Memorial Day [ie 5/31] so you can take them to the cemetary



My first peony bloomed yesterday in 80+F temp. This weather is similar to last year’s in a sense that blooming peonies quickly wilt because the temp is too hot.

It used to be cool weather when they bloomed. Not last or this year !!!


Few pics from the veggie garden today. Lettuce and kale going nuts with all the rain. Gave a bunch away.




Storms blew through here today, and yesterday. We had one yesterday that lasted about 5 minutes, but it blew furiously. Branches were down, but none of the fruit trees seemed to be damaged. Oddly, one of the blackberry sprouts looked to be leaving over quite a bit.

The last storm came thru about 5, and our power went out shortly after that. But, after 4 hours it’s back on. We usually get about 3 or 4 outages each spring/summer here.


Ours are just about open. Edit: ours were open too when I got off the computer and went outside.


Try to bag plum, apricot this morning and found out very small amount of fruits worth of bagging, most,95%, has some kind of scars on the fruits. I bagged about 3,4 perfect fruits on each tree. This spring I sprayed more than I did previous year. I sprayed at petals fall , Triazicide, 7~10days later, Malathion. I am not sure the bugs are extra hungry this year , different bugs,or my pesticides are no longer potent. I have asked about potency of pesticides/fungicide on other thread, but no one seems provide an good enough answer that I can use. My triazicide was purchased two years ago, the mfg date is 2016 on the bottle. I used extra tbs when I mixed it with water this year.
My peaches on other hand, are very clean this year,no single bite on any peaches so far and pray to keep this way. Although, this year peaches didn’t set as many fruits as normal years, but this is OK I don’t have to thin them.

Interestly, one of my apricot that was grafted on a branch of large peach tree has perfect fruits. None of the fruits on this apricot branch have been bitten by any bugs. While a grafted J plum just about couple of feet way only has one good fruit left. I am puzzled


Try acetamiprid


Thanks, buy too late for this year.


Alas, probably true

But I’ve had decent luck with it


I might try. acetamiprid is sold under what product name?


Storm warnings are out today for the storm we are supposed to get this Sunday. Ugh!


Aphid control on Loring Peach, got hot and humid aphids showed up, then a few days later ladybugs and eggs, few more days and these emerged :smiling_imp:


Ortho - Flower Fruit & Vegetable Insect Killer


Thanks a lot


Buy it now as it is going away. Ortho is removing all neonicotinoids from its consumer products.


Found several small fireblight strikes on the young shoots of my two pear trees and pruned them out. There were three on the Warren and four on the Moonglow.


I encountered Imidan 70 today for the first time today and my god the smell is horrendous. I am going to have to find a proper storage container.


Finally got some peppers in the ground this evening. I had to re-till three of our plots because of all the rain we had, and the subsequent weed invasion.

All of these peppers were from local nurseries. We had to buy these as the ones we sowed indoors this year didn’t germinate. The other ones that are growing indoors aren’t ready to be planted out yet.

These are what I planted: 6 Jalapeño, 3 Lady Bell, 3 Calwonder and 3 Golden Calwonder bells, 3 red bells, and 3 Habanero.