What's happening today - 2018 edition


Big variety today: black and red raspberries, blackberries, mulberries, blueberries, gooseberries, and some Juliet cherries.


Good for you, looks delicious!


Really nice-looking cherries!


In bed recovering from meniscus surgery yesterday! The hits just keep on coming! :nauseated_face:


Thats what I was doing this morning… hitting the apricots with Indar and a general cover spray for other stuff.

My apricots got peach scab this year, I decided to skip the usual sulphur on them as it can be hard on some cots but forgot how the sulphur was my scab protection. Indar is supposed to provide some protection from scab so I will use that next year. This year I have not sprayed my cots in a long time til today as I was putting sulphur in the tank mix. What I did today and need to do next year is first mix up the tank without sulphur, hit the cots, then go back and drop the sulphur in for the rest.

@mrsg47 I hope the surgery went well. I have one meniscus surgery down and probably one coming up…




Thanks Scott. It feels just the way I thought it would…horrible! It went well and the knee is in great shape now. If only the pain would subside. In two more days! I take it you know the drill. I’ll be able to kneel in my garden for the first time in a year. yayyy. Worth it! :grimacing:


Speedy recovery


Waiting on the satsumas to ripen and to my surprise the mariposas are ripe. I read where mariposa was after satsuma. This weird-early ripening year continues. I noticed a BUNCH of fallen plums at the base of the tree and thought raccoons did it. Come to find out they were dropping due to ripening. I was surprised at how green to outside was but they are all soft and ripe to over ripe. Ended up picking about 5 gallons.


Anyone want to guess at what this variety is? It’s just starting to ripening here in zone 8 (June 15 - 30) although I believe in previous years it’s be a week or two later. Large yellow flesh peach that is cling stone. Taste is zesty, tart and semi sweet with classic peach flavor. I just started harvesting them so the flavor could get sweeter on the later ones. So far the peaches seem to maintain their firmness - not quick to soften up like most varieties. In other words, they have long hang time. I bought the tree from Home Depot about 10 years ago and I thought it was very unusual for them to sell contender. Typically, here you see same low chill Florida varieties along with elberta for sale in depot.


Ouch! I hope you have a good recovery. That sounds like it might take a while. Shoulder surgery wasn’t fun for me. It’s the unintentional things that can set you back. Like trying to catch a remote when its falling or a set of keys, or a cup out of the cupboard. I don’t know if it’s your shoulder just saying. I saw the meniscus when looking at the anatomy of the shoulder before surgery. Edit, I should have kept reading. I see it’s knee.




With your description maybe a https://www.starkbros.com/products/fruit-trees/peach-trees/stark-early-white-giant-peach...They are June bearing


Mrs. G.,
Wish you a very speedy recovery.


Hope you mend swiftly. Have nice orchard dreams.


Our peaches are going nuts…time to do some major thinning! On a side note…our dry coolish weather has really made for some nice looking fruit (so far :grimacing:)


Last year was like that here - a great growing year!


Looks like you have some thinning to do.



Thanks Tippy!!!


I got my Wood Chipper today! I have a question though. I am going to make my own Mulch. Does it matter if it Oak,

Pine or Gum? I have all 3 but didn’t now if i should chip them together or make sure they are separate.?