What's happening today - 2018 edition


My educated guess is that, to the machine it only recognize if its horse power can handle the material or not. What kind of wood really doesn’t matter. If it can, doesn’t matter what kind of wood will be chipped. If it can’t, ie the machine’s horse power is less than required horse power to chip the wood, it is just on strike, or humming a piece of music you don’t want to hear.



So sorry to hear. Not been a good year

But remember… Above the clouds… the sun is shining.

My strongest wishes for a quick, complete and uneventful recovery.



I should have been more clear. What I am asking is does the type of wood matter as using it for Mulch on trees, Gardens etc…I don’t know what may be acidic, or have to little or to much of something in each type wood for Fruit trees or making organic matter for a garden.


Thanks so much!


oak will take longer to break down but besides that they all make fine mulch. I’ve used just about every kind including cedar which has the added effect of bieng offensive to bugs. that looks like a nice unit you got there. i get my wood chips from a firewood business down the road. i give them a call in the spring and they bring me a dumptruck load.


That’s good to know. I have some Cedar as well. I spend a fair amount of money each year on mulch and never have enough so i figured I will make my money back with this and when I retire I might make some money with it too! Ya just never know…Thanks for the response…That makes me feel better i can just run the wood through into one big pile…


just make sure you don’t mix it with the soil or it will rob nitrogen. cedar is toxic to plants when its green. on top is ok just don’t put it against the plant.


Looking good, Kevin. Glad you are having some good success, particularly given all the troubles you’ve been having with errant spray operations around you.

Best of success for the rest of the year, and I’m looking forward to touring your orchard again when I’m down your way.

Have a great weekend.



Don’t think I have enough to make a good meatloaf yet.


Oh my, they just give me a pure evil feeling!


yeah,they are here too. I squashed few yesterday


Usually show up here by July


Of the woods you mentioned…black gum will decay in less than a year. Oak in 2 or 3. If varied timing is a problem, then you might want to separate. So far as the plants are concerned…the mix would probably be best. As you know, they will absorb some nitrogen from the plant you put them around. And…oak and pine and some other things will lower the pH quite a bit.


i have been putting purely hardwood chips around my plants here for 5 yrs now. i tested the black soil that formed under them from the previous years chips. read 6.5 . only mildy acidic but perfect for most berry plants . for my bloobs and lingonberry i add some sulfur.


if you don’t mix them in the soil, they won’t rob N. i add compost then layer chips on top of it every spring. all that is needed to feed most plants.


Oak is the best for growing shiitake mushrooms and several other species. Great for mulch too. Walnut should be avoided on vegetable gardens (juglone).


my wine cap mushrooms love the hardwood mulch. so do blewitts which showed up last fall around my plants.


Lots of bees working the watermelons and cucumbers this morning. They are too fast for a good picture but this little ladies legs are covered in pollen


Apricots are starting to come in! These are various NJ varieties plus a few Tomcots.

There is peach scab but its not too bad. When the dots get dark it starts to affect the size/flavor.


What will you fo with them?