What's happening today - 2018 edition


It was transplanted mid-June, harvesting this week… gotta be quick in the summer.


My early June lettuce is about done, need to start the fall crop


Do all y’all start your lettuce indoors from seed then transplant? We never seem to have luck with sowing lettuce seeds directly into the garden soil. Same results with cabbages or broccoli.


I transplant all those


We do both with lettuce. When it is sown directly outside, it usually gets covered with Ag fabric or the like and gets extra water at least until it has sprouted. I suspect the same would work for cabbage family stuff here, but our growing season is so short that it needs the extra growing time indoor starts give it.


DIY on-the-cheap screen-house is done. Blues planted in ground potted figs will join them
Some very cheesed off catbirds


I wish I had those long ago! They look great! For those with deer there is your answer!


Whats happening in my backyard orchard today is that my apples are getting bigger by the day. I lost every plum to rot, regardless of Indar, I have a number of Elberta and Early Crawford peaches that I look forward to. Have been eating my Montmorency cherries right off of the tree and loving them. Saw that my black currants are all turning black and should be ready for picking next week. And put my first bag of Kiwi Gold and Caroline raspberries in the freezer today for making jam! A great day; the puppy loves raspberries! And my Swenson Red grapes areincredible this year. I will edit them tomorrow! Lesson. . ? Fruit takes time! :heart:


All that sounds incredible! My montmorency never leafed out this year. I would love to try them.



When my Montmorency just start turning red the still have a hint of yellow, the are sweet, with a bit of tartness. They so make the best pie and jam!


We have a hard time with cherries down here. Montmorency is supposed to do okay. We move this tree last fall and I don’t think it recovered. Well I guess it’s pretty obvious that it didn’t recover!! :joy:. I may try again. Cherries are one of my favorite fruits. So are raspberries and they don’t do well in the heat. I did get a few peaches this year and they were really good. First year I’ve had peaches.



Katy, that is incredible. Do you do well with Apricots?


Picked the last of the strawberries today and ate the first ripe raspberry. I’m excited to have the first fruit ripening on my 3 yr old Carmine bush cherry. Only maybe a dozen but a significant dozen! Especially when you don’t have any other cherries.
Last week i got the first Boreal Blizzard and Boreal Beauty haskaps (4 each) (berries, not plants) which was pretty exciting. I was impressed with the slightly sweeter Beauty, but liked them both. Sue


According to Texas A&M (who writes the Bible down here) apricots bear about once every three to five years due to late frost. So I haven’t tried. We have a lot of commercial peach growers around here but I’ve never seen apricots growing. I love them too!! :grin:



Mrs. G.,
How many times did you spray Indar? That’s worrisome that even Indar could not handle rot for you.


Lettuce sowed directly in the garden row, but with a strip of cloth for partial shade…and the seeds will come up.
Sow thick…for leaf lettuce, less seed for head lettuce. Remove the covering if you dare…heat and rabbits may eat it.




Another hot day here, got to 93 I think. Gardens are looking good after we got a good downpour on Friday. Beans are about 3-5" high and starting to put out runners already. Most of the corn isn’t that high yet, but doing pretty good. Cukes have really perked up, and the okra is about 3-4" high. If we’re lucky, this might be the first year we will get some okra. As mentioned in other threads, the tomatoes have just blew up over the last week or so. Many are over 5’ now.

Our UA blackberries seemed to have got a real boost from the rain, they are shooting out lots of new sprouts off the base of the main crowns, the Ouachita and Freedom plants in particular. The latter plant is definitely over 3’ tall with many sprouts. Do y’all think we might get a few primocane berries off this plant later this year? The Traveler plant is doing pretty well also, but I don’t know if it will produce any fall berries. I might have to get a wire trellis set up for them soon.

The Triple Crown plants haven’t been as vigorous, but also seem to have got a boost of growth this week. Shoot, even my lagging raspberry plants look like they’re getting it together. I think for sure 3 of the 10 that had sprouted back in April have now croaked, but the others are doing pretty well, especially the summer red plants.


Yeah, I think you will. They are huge!


Mine gave me a huge crop in April/May and are completely full on new canes with very nice looking berries now. I’m guessing late July will be another big crop.