What's happening today - 2018 edition


Dug up a Williams pride that had an issue and planted a scarlet crush instead added two wheel barrow loads of dirt to raise spot hope that will cure issue. Started to prune blueberries as there buds are popping open. Saw a honey bee so still somewhat hopeful that maybe the year will be somewhat productive.


Mailed today 10 envelopes with scionwood to 8 forum members, cleared up quite a bit of space in the crisper. :slight_smile: 78 F today and a lot of ornamental trees already in full bloom here.


Yesterday I got impatient with the lettuce and spinach outgrowing the tray in the greenhouse so I went ahead and planted half the flat next to spinach I have been covering with a low hoop tunnel of pvc that is growing dark green and lovely. Last night was supposed to be a hard drop under clear skys so I am waiting for the sun to hit the plastic and warm it up a bit before I go out to check. This crazy weather gets me so impatient.


Checked my transplants and they live, THEY’RE ALIIIVE. Look pretty content actually. I am really digging my ghetto white trash greenhouse! The root plugs I had going were definitely the best roots I’ve ever had on plants I started myself. I am really excited to get a couple more trays going at closer to the suggested planting dates for the area. I have always rushed transplants because of space, but the window I set up on my self built shed has room for about eight flats once I get the shelving all finished. I am stoked about the new year! I might even get my shed safe enough to let other people risk standing in it this year!


I am living spring vicariously thru all of you.


Cut scion wood today. Labeled it up and put it in the fridge. It was dark when I stopped, going to try and get a little more tomorrow.


me too! looking at my 7ft. snowbanks!


It seems like my fruit trees bloom this year at least a week earlier than usual. It’s nice to see various types of bees already working on the open flowers. The bees had an early food source in California lilac (Ceanothus) plants on my property, some of which bloom since mid January.


I just saw this video on the weather channel and thought I would share it here.


43 degrees here today. Feels like 70 to me since it’s been so cold for so long! Went for a walk around the yard. Found these Cilantro seedlings sprouting inside the abandoned cold frame. I guess spring is around the corner :slightly_smiling_face:

At least I’d like to think so.


Rain Rain Rain - the ground is soaked and more rain coming. Light rain was suppose to start at 8:00 am. I got up at 6:30 am to plant my TruGold peach, out the door at 6:45 am and by 7:00 am it was raining pretty hard. I ended up digging up a Juneberry bush that was still very small from one of my raised containers and planting it there. I did a crap job planting it. Hopefully I got it deep enough with some extra mulch on top to keep it alive until I can plant it properly.


It’s actually supposed to be 69 today and warm through the next week, and my reliance peach is about to bloom. I decided what the heck and worked over two of the scaffolds to Contender and Reliance.

I also started trying to work on a garden plan for flowers in the front yard. I kinda went nuts on the Baker Creek website this week… All I wanted was an easy cauliflower and what I got was $50 worth of butterfly garden…


It’s been snowing here. I took the snowmobile for a ride around the roads and lake. The lake has about 16" of snow. My belt broke while out in the middle and I had to put a new one on it. More snow coming tomorrow. No spring in sight.


We got 12" yesterday and expecting 4 more tomorrow. I love the snow……bring it.

@Drew51, how did you do up there.


We got less here, not sure how much? 8 inches around. I’m redoing a floor, bought some vinyl planking, a pain to haul in this snow. Going to my daughter’s divorce party tonight. Yes I guess they even have parties for that! It was for the best, so I’m happy for her. Life sure takes you down some strange paths at times!


Feels like spring here. Dapple Supreme is in bloom, and even has leaves at about squirrels’ ears size, so it’s probably time to start grafting a few other pluots onto it.


Started the first vegetable seeds of the year


I’ve gotten my seeds out today…going in the “dirt” tomorrow!!! :+1::+1::+1:


In the meantime, the garden disappears beneath more snow


70 and rainy right now. Just like stinking last year.