What's happening today - 2018 edition


Good for you!


Did you have zucchini growing close by?


Just picked these today


Will you eat those now or store them?


A couple of Pluots in my greenhouse are flowering.Maybe there will be fruit in December. Lol. Brady


Giving some peaches away, this is a mixture of July Elberta and Red Baron. I would say the Red Baron are slightly better.


My Early Crawford are still unusually small, but are changing color slowly. My Elbertas are finally starting to size up and turn yellow. I still love that simple peach!


Today’s harvest


I will store most of it. Give a few away and eat some now. I happened to break the stem end off of couple of them. I will eat them first as they don’t store well without the stem. I finished last year’s b nut squash in April this year. They store well. I still have 6 more butternuts sq on the vines. So they will last me till next summer. I cube them and bake in the oven and Call it pumpkin candy. My kids do believe it’s candy.


I still have one in the cellar from last year


My Satsuma plums are starting to get ripe. For some reason the pc didn’t affect this tree like my other trees. Almost all my other plums were lost to pc except a few Beauty which got ate by the coons. I still have about half on the tree and most of those are larger. I am going to make wine with these seeing I have too much jam. The scent of plums is throughout the house. The coons must have found better eats somewhere else, at least I hope so. I am waiting for the other half of these plums to ripen yet. I was certain that the triazicide didn’t work, but maybe I needed to spray sooner for pc and they were killed before getting to this tree? Anyway, getting any fruit has been a real challenge. I’m just glad to have these.


Yours are very beautiful. Mine was sprayed with Surround. Rain and lack of consistently sun light has affected the taste. Brix was between 10 -15. Even the ones with 15 brix tasted quite bland.

Squrrels also have raided them for the past two weeks even when fruit were not ripe. Lot of squirrel damage this year.


Some of mine are really sweet except the skin. Those the flesh comes completely off the stone. Others with the same color are semisweet and the flest sticks to the stone. The sweet ones are almost as sweet as a good cherry. The ones that aren’t as dark are more bland with more sour flavor. I still can’t believe the aroma. They smell so good! Most of these are small enough to put the whole plum in my mouth and just spit the seed. I didn’t thin these and the branches had to be propped up with several boards. Two branches broke at the tips. I lost a dozen plums to that and probably twenty or so to pc.


Yup, the aroma is what bring in squirrels. I have not eaten a Satsuma that a seed come off cleanly. The overripe one still has cling stone.

I hope the next batch will taste better as it will be sunny for the next 4-5 days. (If squirrels do not get to them first.)


The squirrels picked most of my fruit I bagged. They didn’t even eat hardly any of it. It was like a game, or they were mad that the fruit had bags! I bagged 400 fruit and didn’t get much. I started taking the bags off my apples. Most of those are still on the trees.


I bagged apples, E pears and plums. Some were in blue organza bags. I’ve seen those discarded blue bags all over the place including my neighbors’ yards. Quite destructive, more so than any other years prior to this.


They definitely are cling stone, but I could rub some clean with my tongue in my mouth to get a clean seed.


Made this for my 6 year old today


At last the big sweet peppers are ripe. Canadian Red F1 My wife bought these big red peppers from Canada last year, and I kept some seeds. Another plant produces yellow peppers, so it was a hybrid. I will try and stabilize this red. I still like Spanish Mammoth better though for a red, more productive. And Yellow Monster Which is named correctly!! It produces about 6 peppers before frost. it would produce more if I lived somewhere with a longer season. Nature of the beast with some peppers.


I’ve had a good year for curcubits, altho the striped beetles and powdery mildew have finally shown up. I note that I had no PM until it appeared on the gourds, which I’ll bet aren’t bred for resistance. Am spraying to try to keep it from spreading.

My butternuts occupy an area about 8x12, altho they keep trying to expand it. Got about 2 dozen fruits rapidly putting on size, but this last week I’ve noticed that the new flowers are aborting before pollination. They realize there’s no more room.

I plant them in July for late October harvest and storage. So essentially the whole crop set during 2 weeks in August. If I see any new ones set, I’ll probably start pinching them off.