What's happening today - 2018 edition


Thanks Dave. I think these are the “Rome” apples we used to see in stores, but I’m just not certain. This is one of my first fruit trees I ever planted and back then I wasn’t too good at notes or tree labels. All I know is it is some kind of Rome and there are a few “Rome” varieties. What I like is how clean these guys look right off the tree. Right or wrong, I pretty much just spray them with what I use on peaches and do it about every other time I spray peaches.

BTW, Dave, I for one am glad you are still here and didn’t throw in the towel! I remember a post you made a few weeks ago and you just sounded so defeated and frustrated. I could identify with everything you said- I too have had years when I felt like I’d done everything I could and worked hard and yet experienced failures in almost everything. Those times are when I really start to question the time and money I’ve spent trying to grow fruit-and I suspect most of us have had those times. Then a good year like I’ve had this year comes along, and it makes it all seem worth while again. You seem to back back on the wagon- which is great news.


Thanks thecityman…Yes absolutely wonderful to have an orchard. Would be even more wonderful if I had fruit. Definitely next year!
Seya means shadow. Named her Seya hoping she’d for ever follow me like my shadow :slightly_smiling_face:. We’ll see about that once she’s a teenager. I think it’s a Sanskrit word. I’m only familiar with few Sanskrit words, even though I’m a Buddhist. It’s short and pretty I think.


Now I like the name even better! AS for the fruit…it will come. And if you think it’s fun now, wait until those trees actually start having some fruit on them!! :slight_smile:


Haha thanks. No throwing in the towel. I just need to regroup and fix a few things to improve my chances.


Flavor king pluot, nearly 25 brix and extremely sweet. They are delicious, but I cannot finish a whole pluot because they pack so much punch. I am finding that I prefer fruit like this under 23 brix. I had the same issue with Arctic Jay, once it got to about 23 brix all I tasted was sugar. flavor king has more acid and complexity than Arctic Jay, but still so sweet!


I am with you, 23 to 25 brix is perfect fruit brix, over that too sweet, good for drying or fruit leather, the yellows are best here, and the whites under 26,Arctic jay is usually over 28 Brix and too sweet.


Interesting,yellow flesh.The ones I’ve had are usually a deep red. Brady


My Baby Crawford looks to be the right variety but I find the skin is bitter, have you experienced this?


I’ve been finding a number of BMSB nymphs in the garden here and there, but now I’m seeing adults trying to get into the house for the winter. Seems like they just left!


Even though my fruit was very sweet I think they could have spent more time on the tree, which would have likely increased the red. I wrapped a few in plastic bags which made the stem area wilt, so thats why I picked them. The edges on my had turned red. I have also read that red pigment in the flesh can be related to the use of fungicides, especially captan. This reading pertained to peaches, but could affect plums too? The fruit I had tasted like the king to me, but it is possible I had a mislabled tree.


Skin is not bitter on mine, in fact this peach seems to have light fuzz compared to many others.


I don’t use Captan or any fungicide on my Plums,so that’s probably not it.
Are all your FK’s picked?Maybe one or two could be left on and see if there is a color change. Brady


I have one left, the birds have gone after them pretty hard. The one on the tree has bird damage, but I will leave it and see how long it lasts.


Picked the first ever mangos off my Manila Mango tree. I know that this variety tends to produce smaller fruit, but these were very small, but the tree is only about 3-4 years old. I was wondering when I should harvest them when I saw one on the ground, half gnawed away. Only a couple more small mangos left, but they are a few weeks away from being ripe.

Both mangos had a very sweet taste with a bit of fiber around the seed. My wife and i enjoyed them. The kids didn’t particularly care for them, both claiming to not like mangos! Not sure where my wife picked up these two, probably wandering through a back alley or something…


My first pawpaw was good, but not the best thing I’ve ever had. Definitely had a mango feel to it but the texture was more overwhelming than the taste. No overpowering flavors but was lightly aromatic and fruity. My wife and kids did not care for it. I think it may have been a little under ripe despite waiting a few extra days. I just picked three more and will let them so all the way soft before consuming.


These are Jonafree apples that keep falling from the tree a little under ripe. They taste good, fresh and a little tart and go well in the morning bowl of oatmeal with some cinnamon. Three more pawpaws, plenty of daily raspberries, and a bag of picked elderberries. I think I prematurely paniced about my elderberries earlier. The catbirds could not eat them all despite their best efforts and I think I will have about five of these bags full at some point. We already made elderberry syrup so I was thinking about another wine. We will see.


Show off! haha. Of course I’m kidding, but I am jealous because Mangos are one thing I really wish I could grow .
@growjimgrow I get my best paw paws by simply waiting until they fall naturally and then picking them up and eating them within a day or so. I find they are much better this way than picking them and letting them ripen on the counter. Of course this only works if you are checking your tree every day or two, but I walk around my orchard daily so I get them within hours of falling. BTW, I’m sure you have said but I forgot- what type of paw paws do you have?


Hey Kevin. They are Pennsylvania Golden Pawpaws. The first one I had I found on the ground. These three new ones were growing in a cluster and had a definite give to them. I’m going to try another tomorrow. How many pawpaw trees do you have?


Ok…as long as they were soft when you pulled them then that’s probably just as good as letting them fall and picking them up.

I have 4 paw paw trees. 2 were trees I dug up and moved from a patch that had the best wild paw paws I had ever tasted. The other 2 were Susquehanna and Shenandoah. I saw “were” because after 4 years in the ground, for reasons I’ll never know, both of the grafted tops died this spring. It wasn’t winter kill- they leafed out and then suddenly died. same thing happened to one of my wild ones. I’d give anything to know what happened but probably never will. Oh well, the good news is the root stock came back and ended up putting on 3 feet of growth this year, so I’m all set to graft some this spring.

Good luck!


Picked these today. All the small dark green peppers are from one plant! So prolific I don’t know what to do with them. Everything except tomatoes is no spray at all. I have to spray tomatoes for some sort of mildew. Even though I don’t spray eggplants, I pick out bugs from it. Peppers have been plant and forget this year. No care whatsoever. I wish fruit was this easy.