What's happening today - 2018 edition


Like for it wasn’t any worse


Doing some late renovating of my strawberry bed, can’t help seeing how much more vigorous Earliglow is, compared to the other varieties. Not just a lot more runners, but larger, stronger plants.


Nice potted Jujube in the background :slight_smile:
Haha!! Great looking apples Kevin!


At least you can tell I kept it healthy! I kept it because I have much better luck planting potted plants after they go dormant and I really want the jujube you gave me (Sherwood we think?) to make it. But I tell you what, Zack, it has been a full time job the last 2 months keeping that guy watered! ha. It pretty much an everyday thing. Now I know the real reason you gave it to me. (haha- I’m just kidding, it was very generous and I’m thrilled to have it)


I know I post a lot of pictures of my kids, hope no one minds.

This was our first grafting class, under the plum tree. Sunday was beautiful and we were able to sit outside with little to do. They started asking about the tape on the trees so I cut some off to show the graft under the tape. I then gave them some grafting tape and let them (the older two) wrap it around some sticks and try to keep them together. A great day!


Fantastic!!! Lucky Girls…to have such a great Dad!



I found someone “local” who grafts nice pawpaws. 4 hours later I come home with these 2 beauties. A wabash and susquehanna perhaps 4 feet tall not counting the pots.


Schaefer beer was the #1 beer in Puerto Rico in 1977. We used to drink it. A lot. In the Navy. Amazing the memories that just brought back. Great looking Paw Paws too!


I’m going to add some beer to mine and see if they grow like that, ha!


I’ve heard that watering pawpaws and persimmons with beer really gets them growing too. I’ll have to try it next year. Hopefully it perks them up instead of making them look droopier and drunken!


we drank it alot in korea in 90’. wasnt rationed and $2.00 a 6 pack!


Dug up my layered Jefferson filberts. They were small but appeared to be in good condition. Three had decent roots and one is questionable. Now I have to decide where I want to plant them.


Just received my Strawberry Plugs from Ison’s. I’m pleased!



How many did you order?


That’s 50 plugs. Sweet Charlie.



Thanks. Every time I"ve looked for plugs, they made you order like 50 thousand


Sweet bagel preach, very disappointed, this is the first one I have had and I picked it dead ripe, brix was 15, which should be plenty for a low acid variety like this. It was sweet, it just didn’t really have any flavor. I will take my Indian free peaches over this anytime.


I have a small Sweet Bagel tree,potted,in a greenhouse,planted this year.This is a late one.There is one fruit,still fairly hard,last time checking.Unsure if they will ripen here outside. Brady


I sprayed the lawn with Crossbow today. Ive gad such bad luck with my trees this year, I didn’t wan to loose any more trees.so I covered them with plastic to avoid getting crossbow on them. What I’ve read Crossbow is deadly. This side of yard needs reseeding. Finally started to work on it.


Good luck with that. .? ? ?
Seams like a bad idea to me…