What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


Lots of greens for the season. Spinach, Red Russian Kale, and lettuce. It has been a beautiful spring so far.


We have been laying out our garden boxes we are putting in the front yard. Today will be leveling, adding another level of bricks, and dirt.


Are you add another layer of stones to make it higher for easy on the back.


Yes, although the adding the stones certainly isn’t easy!


Unknown Asian Pear (20th Century or Shenseiki):


Will the Sycamore stump be in a bed ?


No, my husband is going to even out the stump, we are going to mive the section we kept back onto it, hollow it slightly, and my daughter is putting a fairy garden there. It has certainly been an adventure so far, and i must admit to being overly optimistic about how long things would take us.


I have a few black cherry stumps I cut low and mulched right over, don’t even know they are there. The woodchips I use somehow discourage the black cherry stump from suckering which they usually do heavily.


We were going to put a bed over it, but it is just massive. We cut and dug out the largest roots, but are going to let the rest decay.

Are black cherries like chokecherries? We have some chikecherries that are the bane of my husbands existence, but the syrup and jelly is so good I won’t let him take the bush out.


No, it’s prunus serotina, the cherry lumber used for woodworking. The fruit is useless, but the lumber is valuable.


We started at 8 this morning and worked pretty much all day, I may not be able to walk tomorrow, but my raised beds are done!


Saw these at the grocery store today. I’m pretty sure they’re double gold raspberries being branded as something different.


Lotta dirt in those!


Blazeberries! Lmao. Marketing cracks me up sometimes.


I planted 6 of these yesterday in hopes the males and females will bear fruit. Anyone ever had any experience with the White Fringetree?



I saw an ant polinating Scarlet Crush today.


I was out inspecting the raspberries and it looks like its going to be a bumper summer crop. We had the lowest temp since I’ve lived here in '02, between -30 and -35F, and yet, more canes survived the winter than ever before. One thing I did different is I did not prune the tops of the canes, the part that produced the fall berries, until just now. Sometimes I would do it in November, or right away in March when the weather first gets nice. I think the pruning in this climate can make it more likely for desiccation of the canes to occur. Its just one season, but, it looks like it really makes a difference to hold off on pruning until all the severe cold is behind us.


i agree. i prune just as the last of the snow melts in late april. lots of new primocanes just starting to come up. i took out most of last years primiocanes yesterday from my everbearing rasps. leaving some to produce a summer crop. rhubarbs up 6in. growing thru the snow. currants and honey berries are about to leaf out. were getting there!


I observed a few huge bumblebees working my honeyberries today. It was quite relaxing watching them and enjoying the nice spring weather.


A couple of huge, curious ones have checked out my face this year, lol! They’re so cool.

My JH Hale peach has some nice little peaches on it :slight_smile: I was afraid my other peaches were too closely related to pollinate it. I read that can happen.

All my peaches have peaches for the first year ever :slight_smile: The frosts cooperated.