What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


How long does the battery last, or do you have more than one battery? It would be nice and quiet.


I agree too. I have a Black & Decker which we chose because of the number of B&D batteries we already have. It takes a few batteries to do our several acres but the convenience of using it is fantastic. Lightweight and pull a trigger to start!


The Ryobi turns out to be the best string trimmer we’ve ever had, esp in ease of advancing the line. They sell larger-capacity batteries, of which I now have a sufficient supply for any job. Definitely worth getting.

The supply of batteries incentivizes the purchase of more tools.

I can now do my miles of yew hedge with a few battery swaps.


Stihl has some nice cordless tools…


i have one too. only thing i miss from the gas jobs is the smoke used to keep the black flies away. :wink:


Yes thats what I’ve heard. I chose to go with Milwaukee based on my previous investment in their M18 Fuel series of of cordless tools. By the way, if you ever need an impact wrench the M18 2627 is rediculous. 1400 ft/lbs of nut busting torque! I love it.


I can’t hold any of those things with my neck/upper back problem. What I can’t ride-mow, I have to sit in the grass with a neck brace and use a little Japanese scythe on, lol!

I am the sitting or squatting gardener :smiley: Oh, and my edges are generally untrimmed ;).


It is not very noisy, but you still hear the buzz. I have never used the entire battery once yet in two days. Yesterday I trimmed for over an hour, plugged it back in, which you are supposed to do and I just finished trimming today for almost two hours with no slow down, burp, nada. Really cool. Going to plug it back in now for tomorrow.


I got a 40V Dewalt string trimmer a couple years ago, and it’s just awesome. 100% recommend.


I should consider one of those battery units. I have two gas ones and neither starts. The idea of having to get a third one seems so stupid that I just don’t use one now.


That’s kinda where we were when we decided to try the battery one. Truthfully if you’re trying to clear fence lines that have been neglected it’s too much for the light one I have, but since it is not a big deal to crank it up and carry all that weight around I find things don’t get neglected nearly as much.


Hail storm damaged most of my cherries and lots of apples and apricots.

growing fruit is hard


Anyone know anything about pine trees? These just started looking sick.


Today we went to Lancaster area to buy flowers and veggies and on our way back stopped by at this farm that was selling perennials. I bought bee balm and hostas. I didn’t notice any insects or any other damage at the time of purchase. In the car I noticed the hostas were covered with teeny tiny red bugs. They were crawling all over it. My guess is baby red spider mites. I sprayed sevin on it as soon as we got home. That killed everything I think. Hopefully got all of it. This will make me think twice before dragging home things in the future.


Weed and feed fertilizer ?


Not that I sprayed. It is on the fence line but there are 50 trees on that fence line and only a couple show any negative signs. I fertilized with Straight urea about 4 weeks ago.



The way the new growth is all twisted in that last pic. Just looks like auxin type herbicide damage. As is found in many lawn …- weed and feed type products
Could be drift from somewhere else ?


It could be. That’s what I thought and hoped someone on here would say. Thanks. Hopefully they’ll shake it off.


How long have they been in the ground?
We used to have a lot of trouble getting Pine types to grow. We would not spread the roots when they came out of the bucket and they would appear to be good for a couple of years. When we pulled them out of the ground the rootball looked just like it did when we planted them .


3 years