What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


those stores always put out thier plants and fruit trees way too early here. i did manage to save a montmorency cherry from TSC them last year. got it for $7.it was a 5ft tree, was dead except for the last bottom branch so i cut it down to there and planted it. it grew 3 more shoots from below the cut and they were 3ft long! put on more new growth than my other u of s cherries did that were planted the same time.


I think putting them out here in January is a bit early too. Then they sit for at least 2-3 months. I think they sit too long even though they pack the roots in a bag of damp moss or whatever.

I’ve bought quite a few of these boxed berry plants from TSC and Lowe’s, maybe half a dozen or more, and I think the only one that sprouted was an Anne raspberry from Lowe’s. Usually I’ve bought them in April or even May, so I’m betting they were dried out or the roots rotted. So, it’s tempting but if I want another berry plant, I’ll order it.

The big box store trees might be a better bet, I’ve bought potted trees and they’ve all thrived. Even a bare root pecan tree I bought for my Mom a couple years is still doing well.


I’m starting to try and trick my apple trees into thinking that their dormant. I’m doing this by slowly stripping off their leaves. If I do not, they’ll still have leaves come spring and then they’re just a mess. I do not necessarily want to strip all the leaves at once, but gradually over the course of a week or so. Plus I need to prune the Pixie Crunch as it has some crossing branches.

The closest UC calculator/weather station to me reports about 100 chilling hours so far - not bad for us, but not great for a good apple crop.


I’m not a person that likes to shop in a mall. Give me Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Tractor Supply. This is my most exciting purchase in a long time.
Today we went from this




The Gorilla Cart is awesome! Nice side effect is that it really makes it easy for my wife to move around what she wants to move around. Far superior to a wheelbarrow!


Tomorrows forecast
2 pics.
1#.Hubby with smiley face pulling a small load in radio flyer…
2# Hubby with sad ( sweaty )face , pulling over loaded new wagon… !
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Just poking fun …
Looks good




Shhhhhh! Don’t warn him!!!

He’s already had it hooked up to the mower showing it around the yard!




Stopped in at Womack nursery in DeLeon TX just to look around. Snapped a couple of pics of all of the heeled in trees waiting for shipping.


I thought those pine cones looked way out of place at Lubbock. But then I’m not sure they don’t look out of place at DeLeon. :flushed::flushed:

I’ve never been to Womacks. I do follow what they have though.



Trees of any kind look out of place in Lubbock. The Womacks seem like really good people. Most of their varieties lack enough chill
Hours to work for me. I wanted another pluot but I figured I already have enough trees that bloom early and lose their crop to freezes.


Yes, I hear you on that and I think here in East Texas it’s even worse with the frosts getting your crop. This year has been really bad with winter/spring/winter/spring etc. It hit 79 here today, I have fruit bloom buds all over my peaches plums and pears and is going to stay in the seventies until Thursday night and hit 29.

I think the Womacks really attempt to stock the things that are more likely to work here in our state. Would love to visit there sometime…it’s a few hours from here.


Noticed lots of bud swell on my trees the other day. The perils of a warm spell!


Yep!! High 70’s the last three days in early February. Disaster in the making!


34 degrees here in SoCal this morning – getting some much needed additional chill for the stone fruits this week. Avocado trees are not so happy though.


Pineapple Guava in the snow.bb


Fifth day in a row of temps in the 60s here. But it’s supposed to return to seasonable temps this weekend, plus more rain :persevere:. Just hope my trees don’t start waking up.

Got my new Stark Bros catalog yesterday. A bunch of new apple and peach varieties this year. Some of the “new” apples available are heirlooms like Sheep’s Nose, Tolman Sweet, Winter Banana, Red Stayman Winesap and a cider apple called Stark Franklin Cider, which looks alot like an Ashmead’s Kernel. Also some newer varieties like Snowsweet, Kindercrisp and Stark Red Romance, which is another Honeycrisp offspring.

The new peaches they’re selling are Saturn Gold, FF PF 19-007, Allstar, Suncrest and Burbank July Elberta.

There’s lots of other items to pick from, including some nice looking berries, but I think I’m done with ordering anything else. Still nice to look through, though. Reminds me spring is getting ever closer.


My trees in pots that I have in the garage are waking up. Three more months to go yet and they have green tips and silver buds.


Well it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting any pruning done today…


You guys don’t need more land. You need better weather…lol

Yes you can buy better weather. Either a greenhouse or better climate.