What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


Tippy, nice still life. These pear do not look as good as the ones Clark grows


my wife and step daughter are terrified of them! :wink:


Thornless raspberry harvest began four days later this year than last - cooler weather and fairly regular rain showers are making the most pleasant June in many a year.

Trimming the heavy Ersinger plum maiden (looked more like a matron) to a bud about 1/3 down from what Raintree sent seems to give the roots a better chance to support growth.

That, the successful dormant bud graft of Mt. Royal plum & the apple grafts that took of Maiden Blush, Twenty Ounce & Mere Pippin, just might make a complete set of fruit trees for this property.

Interesting, frustrating, sometimes gleeful decade this has been since I first said, “Why not plant a couple apple trees in this big back yard?”


I spoke with the artist. He focused on color contrast and paid no attention to the names of varieties :tired_face:

I told him he can paint any fruit in my yard !!!


Good thing you didn’t spot it a few days too late!


Almost looks like quince, with how bumpy lumpy it is.

@ltilton yes, it was lucky indeed! There are a couple more that are much smaller. I thought they were cabbages, but now I will be keeping a closer eye on them.


I can’t grow them to that size, not even in the fall


This variety originates in India and is supposed to be very heat tolerant. We have had a slow start to summer here and this weekend has the first really high temps so we will see if the remaining little ones live up to the high temps promise.


India certainly grows a lot of cauliflower!


She was probably just laying eggs. :smile:


Well Thanks a lot…now I won’t sleep for a month worrying about eggs hatching in my ear! haha. I also keep thinking about earwigs. While I know its not true, its amazing how many people really believe they will go through the ear and burrow into your brain! ha. I must say, it sure felt like that thing was digging into my brain. It really was a horrific experience…he got so far in that I couldn’t even touch the back of him with my pinky finger. Whew!


Those are huge! Bet they taste great.


Yep. They are. Made a cobbler and ate with ice cream. Sinfully good!


How impressive! So if you had lost track of this big head of cauliflower that means you haven’t been spraying it or anything? Wow…when I grow Cauli or cabbage, I have to spray and fight bugs like crazy and STILL don’t end up with heads half as nice as yours! Nicely done.

@k8tpayaso Those are great looking berries. I’m quite sure your cobbler is much more sophisticated and taste better than this , but I have just recently discovered those cobbler mixes that they sell in Walmart and I’m really impressed!!! If you (and others) haven’t seen them, they sell them in the canned fruit toppings area and its just a very cheap ($1.79) bag ($1.79) that has everything except the milk and butter. You just take a 9 x 9 pan, put a couple table spoons of melted butter, then pour the liquid mix (after adding milk to it) in the pan. Then you dump the berries in. For me it never makes sense and I always think “this can’t work” because you dump the berries ON TOP of the mix liquid (batter) and the butter. But 45 minutes later, just like magic, the liquid mix/batter somehow rises above the fruit and becomes a wonderful crust that is evenly distrusted all across the top of the pan. I usually add extra sugar to the fruit but you don’t have to.

Anyway, for a single guy its a fantastic way to make a pretty darn good cobbler that is incredibly easy. Not as good as moms or yours, but still really good and SOOO easy! :slight_smile:

Hope you had ice cream with yours. Darn… now I gota go to Wal-Mart!!! My berries are almost ready too. :slight_smile:


  • and… Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream!!

I’ll have to look for your magic kit at Walmart!



OMG! That reminds me of that ‘Outer Limits’ or ‘Twilight Zone’ episode with the ‘earwigs’. They crawled in a guy’s ear . . . and the diagnosis had good news - and bad news.
The earwig would come out, eventually . . .
but only after digging their way forward through his brain !!!
Anyone else remember that show?
Glad your beetle had a ‘reverse’ gear!


Tippy . . . I paint fruit, too. But, mine are a bit more ‘expressionistic’. I’ve had these pears for years, now . . . and no bugs or disease! But they aren’t very tasty! :grin:


Deer like my peaches … Pic taken off my front porch.


I’ll bet THIS is who stole my peaches this week!
Our deer population, here in Chesapeake VA, was practically decimated a few years ago, due to a disease called ‘Black Tongue’. ? But, this year . . . I’ve seen a comeback. The soy beans are up and growing in fields around here . . . and I see families of deer, at dusk, chowing down.


Sweet Treat ripening up in Southern California. Second leaf: