What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


No and I am glad I did not see that show. Just reading that could traumatize a person.


Got the corn hoed out and threw down some 26-0-0 on them before the rain hit. Also got all the peppers and a few more tomatoes mulched.

I know my zucchini were flowering, but imagine my shock when I went over to the patch and found these:

It was quite a haul, I’m guessing about 20lb, but some look like they are too big already.


My wife came home with a bag of these from work. She said someone from the university orchard was selling some Lodi apples. Look pretty clean other than some sooty blotch. I tried one, but it was way too tart, and not really sweet, but pretty crisp. Guess they will end up being cooking apples.


I was really starting to think that the Polar Vortex had been too much for the JBs this year - never known them to be so late

Then, today, I saw something fly up into the cherry tree …


Sugar Twist, Flavor Grenade, Loring, Splash.




Your Flavor Grenades ripen early.bb


Everything this year seem to be running a couples of weeks early due to a very early bloom and blow torch heat for the last month. Flavor Grenade usually ripens the 3rd and 4th weeks of July.


Well done. I lost all my zucchini spaghetti squash, and some yellow squash. Either SVB or disease. I had more than I could eat last year.

Did you spray them or use any other deterrent? I saw there were pheramone traps but am skeptical.


So impressed. Bet they taste GREAT!


Thanks. No, no spray, even though they had like a light gray splotches on the leaves. We tried to grow zukes last year and got nothing. I think we tried a different variety this year, too, can’t remember the name.

One good thing about them is deer pretty much leave the plants alone. Guess because of the prickly leaves and stems. Same with pumpkins.

I have yellow crookneck squash next to these and they’re blooming.


Yes, I like them all. However, Flavor Grenade Pluot and Loring Peach are my favorite ones in the photo.


Third leaf Satsuma ripening up nicely this year!


Its that time of year again- time for me to make up my little fruit gift boxes for friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc.

I picked these today and they represent somewhere around 1/3 of the total from the tree this year. These are June Princess Nectarines. I’m proud of them because I really struggle with nectarines. In my orchard, bugs, birds, fungi, and pretty much all things hit nectarines harder than other fruits including peaches. But these turned out large and fairly blemish free. They taste wonderful, though admittedly not quite as sweet as my late peaches usually do. But they are really good. Really good.

Also, frost got almost all my peaches this year, and I honestly can’t explain why this tree didn’t get hit because it is not a late blooming stone fruit-it was blooming when my other peach blooms were killed. Apparently the blooms are just tougher. This is a dependable tree.


Two of our newest residents, we got them a week ago from my wife’s friend. She had a lot to give away, so I got talked into getting a couple of brothers.

Our tuxedo cat left us back in January, hard tellling what happened to him, our guess was he wondered a bit too far away, and coyotes got him, or maybe he just found him a girlfriend he couldn’t leave. He had stayed with us almost two years.

At any rate, we needed another one or two, as our rabbits and rodents are getting a bit out of control around here. I see rabbits down in our tomato patch every night.

We’ve been very touch-y and hands-y with them so they get used to us, and that they’re less likely to run off. They had been staying around our shed, but just the last couple days have they been spending some time on our deck. They’re very curious and friendly, and are slowly getting used to our old dog.

They’re pretty cats, but I don’t know what breed they are, but I think they might be American Shorthair’s from what I can tell. Any guesses?


Tabby cat


Cute cats. That is a classic Tabby I think, specifically a Mackerel Tabby with the tell-tale “M” on their forehead.


Those are gorgeous


Thanks Mark! Are you having another banner watermelon year this year? Looking forward to seeing your cute kids enjoying them again!