What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


First cabbage from the garden. Makes me happy, which is good, because otherwise I’d be sad about my raspberry crop. It is being destroyed by flies and gnats.

Kalibos cabbage. Small heads, mainly grown for the beauty and mild flavor.


My zukes are coming along! One huge plant! My tomatoes are very, very slow this summer!!


I have two about 6ft away from trunk. I’ll dig them up in fall, and graft next yr if they are big enough.


More rain - I’m hoping my cabbages aren’t far enough along to start splitting


Lots of figs in the alley at the Mexican restaurant I frequent. They are getting ripe and tasty


Spent the morning giving the garden some much needed attention.


Great looking garden. Liked those wood chips.



Looking good.


Office snacking the next couple of days (2 Candy Heart Pluerries on top, Inca left, Honey Punch center and Geo Pride on the right, Peechy Keen cut on the bottom – a bit overdone but still good). Gotta love summer!


So my Illinois Everbearing Mullberry decided to become an octopus. It’s amazing how much its grown. This is its second year. It hasn’t produced any berries yet. I’m concerned it will just continue to grow like this without making berries because I planted it between my old compost bins and behind where the chickens lived for 5 years. The soil is so black and rich with compost and worms.

I have moved the compost and chickens so hopefully it calms down.


Just started, it can grow way bigger. Lot of pruning and shaping . Or it’ll soon be a monster tree


funny as i have a russian that is 4 yrs old and its only 4ft. give it compost and mulch every spring and it doesnt grow much. its more wide than tall due to snow breaking the limbs but I’m lucky to get 12in. of growth a summer. well see how my northrop i just put in compares. put it in this spring and it already put on about 15in. of growth. ones in ground on a slope, the others in a raised bed on level ground.


Did your IEB’s root at all?


they all leafed out but never set roots. i dipped them in hormone and kept them in shade and moist. i have about 5 more that are still holding on to their leaves. I’m going to check them for roots again today. hopefully some took. the 2 i grafted on my russian didn’t take either.


Next year you will get some fruit. I don’t know how to slow down the crazy growth. Mine grows in sandy soil and has never been fertilized but it has already grown 6 ft this year and will continue growing till frost. I’ve already pruned it this summer and will again this weekend. I feed the cuttings to my neighbors chickens .


Bringing some color to our family visit: Grapes! Suffolk Red, Thomcord and Lakemont.



My air-layered Guthrie plum. The wild plums around here are worthless. Hopefully, this plant is the start to a nice plum patch.


Boy are these grapes growing nicely!


Peach time!

Forth year with plenty of organic peaches. As expected, I have a little bit of a brown rot issue so I’m trying to get them off the tree ASAP. The ones we’ve picked have been delicious and the kids eat soooo many peaches for a week straight. I estimate 150 edible peaches this year, some quite large. I could do a better job thinning and pruning, but I get greedy.