What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


My harvest today…

Rocha pear


We went to Churchville nature center yesterday for a butterfly exhibit. I found this pawpaw grove with super high trees which were loaded with fruit. It was neat to see.


How easy are they to shell at that stage?


Pretty easy. You pinch one end off and slide it to the other end and it opens the pod up. Time consuming but fairly mindless.


I don’t grow limas anymore because of the trouble shelling them green


Lima’s are hard to shell all the time. They are good but they are work. We had to shell peas growing up…no choice in the matter but trouble was I ate almost as many as I shelled!!




Nice harvest. Are these bitter melons? They look a bit smoother than the bitter melon I know of


Those are Armenian cucumbers (musk melons)


I was thinking that too but I thought they are supposed like cucumbers long and skinnier.


Today I go out and see that the grafted branch of Fuji on my Frankenapple is dead. This was the first successful graft I ever made, about 5 years ago, and I’d been waiting for it to bloom and bear, but it never did. Now it’s gone. Bummer.

Can’t figure out what happened to it, not FB, I can see that. Just died.


I picked these peaches today because they fell off in my hand. Notes say it is a Veteran.

I should have added originally that the taste was good, sweet, not super acidic, kind of thick skin. My kids loved them. There was no red on the peaches. They are kind of ugly really.


I picked these Elberta peaches today to try and save them. The tree set plenty of fruit but so much of it has rot and bugs. I told the tree I would not cut it down if it produced 5 good peaches. We’ll see how these ripen up.
The apples are Jonafree that fell off.
The larger pear is unknown and the first I picked from this tree.

The housi pear was also the first picked, hopefully of many.

There is also a Bartlett that fell off.


My little hazel is growing up.


I have two that look very much like that. Very slow growers. I hope they produce nuts in 4 or 5 more years. It’s painful to me to have to wait! ! Nature :tired_face: My Pecans will be even longer…:lying_face: :grimacing:


Today I saw my first cucumber beetle of the year. I was wondering …


Are you sure you planted cucurbits this year? :blush: Here I start seeing them late June, almost in swarms…


My cucurbits all die if I don’t spray them weekly with spinosad to kill those cucumber beetles. You are very fortunate to live in a region with little pressure.


Anyone else ever seen grapes like this? Very strange- stranger than the tear drops I’d seen before. These were in the grocery store- not sure what they are called. Very neat to look at, but not very practical and not very good IMHO.


Always by this time of year my cucurbits are all wilting and mildewed. I think it was the polar vortex - we didn’t get the usual Japanese beetles, either