What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition



About 8 years ago I planted a plum tree in my sister’s back yard in Oslo, Norway. It received no care whatsoever since my sister has a brown thumb and knows nothing about pruning or spraying. It didn’t fruit until now. But she just sent me a picture of that tree this year. It finally decided to fruit and apparently fruit is delicious.


Yes you are correct. Sungold is a hybrid I always plant.


One of my favorite pieces of fruit, Flavor King Pluot. This one was perfect.


Crunchy or soft? Based on the color, I think crunchy.


14 quart pot of salsa, 32 pints of salsa canned with about 3 quarts of juice left over… yeah, I know, the math doesn’t work, but that’s what I got. Must be remembering the size of the pot wrong. This is a combined effort so 1/2 the bounty is mine.


Brilliant late afternoon sun on our Red Haven peaches.


This one was actually on the softer side, not sure why, but usually they are dead ripe a week from now, so this one was ahead of schedule.


you must be in s. Maine to grow such nice peaches. I’m jealous! ;)i did plant a adirondack gold apricot thats doing well. wether it fruits is another story.


With peach season almost over for me I started cutting out trees that didn’t make the grade.

Removed/to be removed:

  • Two Belle of Georgia’s that were suppose to be Early Elberta’s
  • A Challenger Peach that I damaged
  • Blushingstar Peach that runted
  • Red Haven - runted badly. Tree produced this year but quality was poor (taste and size). I attribute the poor quality to the tree being small not the variety.
  • Reliance Peach - tree runted on 3rd year. I transplanted but tree has looked sickly


@AndySmith, can you share your recipe / progression? We love salsa and have plenty of tomatoes and halepanos but are clueless when it comes to making salsa. Your salsa looks really good!!


You bet, I’ll post it in the Fruit In the Kitchen section and tag you.


Today my youngest started kindergarten! Waiting for him to get home after the first day. OMG. Time flies.


OMG…My youngest one turns thirty eight in 3 weeks! I sure understand what you mean time flies!!!


All my best laid plans changed today because of LOVELY RAIN!!!


Harvest from yesterday, a bunch of passionfruit, VdB figs, red dragonfruit, and some cucumbers!


I live many hundreds of miles away from the range of swallow tailed kites, but hope someday to see 'em. Thank you for posting these.


Waiting on fruit - any day now


My countdown begins. A week from this Friday I leave for France. Those who want to be in touch PM me. I cannot wait to have access to the fruit I love but really could not grow, I really tried though! I will be in touch to this site. You have all been great, great to know, and all of you filled with excellent information that you so freely disseminated. I have had a ball with you all here, Hopefully, I will have more to say about fruit, once I am settled. Shouldn’t take long! Au Revoir et Merci!!! Mrs. G


Good luck with everything Mrs.G. Can’t wait to have you back once settled and hear about growing fruit the French way!