What's happening today 2020


Awesome! I caught the Asplundh truck in my area a couple of years ago and two trucks dumped their chipped wood in a pile. It wasnt finely cut like yours, but a good source of ramial wood chips. I used them around trees for years. I know how convenient that can be :+1:


A guy in my neighborhood started a tree service. We was able to drive 30 minutes to dump them for free, but then they started charging. I’m able to get as many chips as I can use. Again, I deeply believe 2 hours of shoveling wood chips at a fast pace is magic for the body and soul.

Have you stopped using wood chips recently?


I am struggling with getting my chickens that are free range to play nice and stop throwing mulch at each other. I have cut back, but not for the right reasons. I am using more living mulch like comfrey and doing a chop and drop. They dont seem as interested in tossing it around.:chicken:


Yeah, my chickens make a mess of the wood chips when I let them on it. I rake it all back into a circle the best I can. Still haven’t got an comfrey, one of these years hopefully.


i stopped free ranging my chickens for the same reason. they love looking for worms in there. i just got tired of having to rake everything back.


I bought Bocking 14 Russian comfrey from this shop in Esty 3/2018 and it has done nicely for me. Bocking 14 is non invasive and does not spread by seed.


That’s a good price. Thanks for the heads up.


Wow another from Oregon. Have you tried Columbia Giant? Darn those berries are big!
Darn! I’m so out of room! Keep us updated on this one.


I have Columbia Star,but not Giant.Another one to try possibly is Columbia Sunrise.
I’m going to Raintree in about a week and may pick one up.bb


Was at Lowe’s the other day checking out things. Looks like they started to get in their fruit plants and trees. Not a great selection of apple varieties, but came across some of these-

No, you are not seeing things. A twisted trunk double apple tree! Never seen anything like it. Don’t know how it could grow properly. Anyone seen these before?


New to me. I’ve seen a few apple trees do something like this in nature (two fairly close at hand) and I always assumed they were sprouts from the same discarded apple core. It looks to me like one of those things that you can do but shouldn’t.

Nevertheless, if I had thought of it I would have to try it …


That would be a neat one to toss into the front yard. I haven’t seen anything like that locally.



Might work on a DWARF tree? I see at $64 they are real proud of it!


They have sold those for years at my local Lowes and Menards. I had a neighbor in my old neighborhood 25 years ago who had a mature tree(s) that they had done this to. It was such a pretty tree to view after the fruit had set. One whole side was a red variety and the other a yellow. :slight_smile:


Just imagine how much neater it’d be if half of it had green leaves and the other half had the red leaves of a red-fleshed apple!


Our yard is a total mess with dug up holes, stone piles, pruned sticks, etc. Thankfully, the daffodils are prettying it up a bit!

These ones are in love :slight_smile:

Got these bulbs from Costco, which were advertised as a colorful mix, but I only got the yellows :disappointed_relieved: false advertising!


The first flowers in my yard were blooming today.

Temp was 72. That was very high for us here.


Our golden crocuses showed up today - pretty early for us, a near-record. We saw cultivated buttercups in a neighbor’s yard a few days ago, but no wild ones yet. Lots of bird activity -ducks and geese have pair up, flickers are courting, everybody’s claiming territory.

We only hit middle 40’s today, but have touched 60 once this spring. I actually went out and tossed a few lettuce seeds on a spot yesterday … ground is still frozen underneath, but lettuce self-seeds sometimes, so I thought I’d try it. Any seedlings are liable to heaving with the frost, but they can be tenacious, so fingers crossed.


Ah spring… thank you for sharing a picture of those beautiful little crocus’. :slight_smile: