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These last few posts have been really entertaining and prove a lot of us have a good sense of humor. Your point is soooo funny and true. The things I have seen people here do for fruit are just insane- but in a good way. I’m always amazed by the lengths some people go to in order to protect their fruit trees/plants from frost…as you know, we’ve seen some incredible efforts in that department. Lots of other things as well. I actually hung a real, dead snake in a cherry tree last year to ward of birds. It stunk worse than you can imagine, yet I took it in hand and arranged it on a limb and put up with the smell for days. I’d say that’s pretty darn high scoring in the weird department! haha. It might be fun to have a thread of “strangest or most extreme things we have done to get fruit”.


Those who have followed my battle of the birds in recent days will understand why I’m as proud of these cherries as anything I’ve grown before! There are more here than it looks like, and they are very tasty. These are all from my 1 Juliet Cherry tree that is only about 6 ft tall. I had almost given up on Juliet since it took mine 6 years to get to the size that others here have reached in 4 years, and this is the first year my fruit didn’t drop. I still have 2 large Montmorency Cherry Trees ripening along with one North Star. I’m also going to get about 3-5 cherries for the first time off of my early Richmond. In spite of bird problems, I love cherries. Cherry preserves are my favorite of all my fruit preserves. WOW are they good!


My favorite was the one who camped outside in the snow to protect blooms against late frost. Don’t remember who it was.


They look perfect!


Yesterday storm brought down the neighbor’s tree. My car and persimmon tree are under there. I didn’t get to access the damage yet., Power company hasn’t been out to take the power lines back up. Still no power. Running few things on the generator. :pensive: just when you think things can’t get worse.


Hope your insurance comes thru for you


YES! I absolutely remember that and agree it was a great example of the extremes we go to for our fruit!

@ltilton Thank-you so much for saying that, Lois. They do look really pretty, but I must admit that is thanks to lots of sprays- they’ve been sprayed with Captan, Imidan, copper, oil, Myclobutanil, and each with a sticker (Pinene ii) (not in that order). I know that doesn’t set right with our organic friends, but it does make for some nice looking and good tasting fruit. I used to loose most of my cherries to blossom Rot and brown rot along with worms and other insects. SO I must say I’ve really enjoyed getting some nice looking, good tasting cherries.

When I make preserves, I always make one batch that I don’t cook as much and leave it fairly runny. I put those runny preserves on pancakes llike syrup and on ice cream. mmmmm. I also put it on top of cheese cake. Did I mention I love cherries?!? ha


My wife saw a post from Reed Valley orchard today, that not only will they not have peaches or pears this year, but no apples either! This is the orchard we have visited for the last 4 years, and they have hundreds of apple and pear trees. So sad to hear that. They will have a black, rasp and blueberry crop, tho.

I imagine that mid 20s freeze on May 9th wiped out what they had left, we had 28 here, but it was a few degrees colder there. Sorry to hear that news. You’d think that some blossoms might have survived, but not enough to open up the PYO part of the orchard.

We got some apples and peaches last year from an orchard just over in Ohio, I wonder how they fared.


The first pic of your cherries looked like maraschino cherries.

Finally, we found a person who grows maraschino cherries!!!:joy:


ha! Now that you mention it, a little bit of red colored, sweet water and we would have maraschinos! ha. I even left the stems on, so the cheesy people who like to sit at a bar and show people that they can tie the stem into a knot with their tongue could do so! haha


@thecityman I’m glad I can give someone else a laugh with my bad jokes instead of just chuckling quietly to myself.

@mamuang I clearly meant other people! I’ve seen what y’all get up to! In all seriousnous, though, cognitive bias is a powerful force, and I know I have to actively seek out and be open to new information, or I might just stick with what I’m doing if it works OK. Fortunately, this group sends a constant barrage of new ideas!




Once you feel the need to go out and check your trees a couple times a day as if they would grow faster, welcome to the club :smile:


Oh, i’ve been doing that. Working from home has been very enabling…


You only check yours a couple times a day? haha. Clearly I have a worse case of fruit love than you do- I’ve been known to check mine every few hours when I have nearly ripe fruit! haha


ill be soooo happy if i get even a small bowl of cherries this summer. romeo has the most blooms and is loaded! had some last year and the few that stayed on were stole by the birds. not going to make that mistake again. congrats on your good cherry harvest Kev! I’m jealous! I’m a big cherry lover as well.


do that every evening. its like putting kids to bed. :wink:


THanks buddy! I sincerely hope you get a nice harvest. My Juliets were slightly larger and sweeter than my Romeo but both were good. Most people seem to only like sweet cherries, and out of hand I understand that. But for cooking, there is nothing like the bold taste of sweet cherries. I am having so much fun figuring out what I’m going to do with mine. Look at all these amazing options !!!..

This is why we grow fruit!..


ohh I’ve been planning what to do with them ever since i planted them. once i get enough frozen and dried i plan to juice them in my european style juicer. going to make some syrups to put on pancakes and mix with yogurt. i like tart fruit so sour cherries are right up my alley!


My favorites !