What's happening today 2020


I visited where my previous job was,which has closed operations.An Asian Pear,that originally had Drippin’ Honey/Chojuro.The DH died and was then grafted with a few other varieties,of which,it looks like,only Korean Giant survived.
Some Euro Pears grafts were also added to a Callery.
Not having been there for a few months,so was unsure what to expect.There use to be Crows and Squirrels around and they did get fruit when the place was operating,but couldn’t see any sign of them today.bb

Korean Giant on top,Chojuro underneath

Harrow Sweet on Callery.A lot of Rust on this tree


Rained here all day because of Tropical Depression Laura. Caused some of my staked pepper and tomato plants to fall over. Only thing to do was to re-stake them in the rain. 20 mph wind.


No idea who this is… Wonder if he’s hit the “bag limit”?

Pear Season


Love the hunting cat!


Picking Gala apples. Never seen so much drilling by the wasps right on the tree.


Heat index prediction of 105.
Feels like 99% humidity.
Just plain disgusting. I’m hiding indoors.

PS. Always makes me think . . . ‘why did the early colonists choose VA???’ Heat. Humidity. Mosquitos. All it had going for it was the rivers and bay. And . . . in those dresses? It’s no wonder the indigenous people wore so little!
Well - guess this is in the wrong topic. It’s not about ‘today’.


don’t know how you folks do it. in june it hit 96f here and everything ground to a halt. was in S.C three julys ago and the road crews there were working in 100f heat with 85% humidity! i felt so bad for them but i guess they’re used to it. i can take heat but that humidity is a mother!


I know the feeling…Monday evening, showers stopped, and sun came out. 85 degrees and about 95% humidity…and I about wilted just walking around with a pen and pad of paper in my hand. Heat index must have been way up there.
Normally I think of 85 as a good day…and it is with 40% humidity.


I just ordered some garlic from Filaree Garlic Farm. I usually just grow some of my crop harvested in the summer but wanted to try Moutain Zemo and Romanian Red. Just like the seed frenzy that led to so many vendors being out of stock on various seeds this Spring, the garlic ordering is apparently fast and furious. Many vendors are already out of stock on all their varieties (Seeds of Italy apparently sold out in 10 minutes when they opened their garlic sales), so if anyone here is planning to order garlic this year I’d do it soon! I’m glad I didn’t wait until later this Fall to see if there would be any sales…

I’m particularly interested in Mountain Zemo this year. I’ve grown Zemo and it was good, but not much different than Hardy White, so I’m hoping Mountain Zemo lives up to the promise of even bigger bulbs.


if you like a strong garlic Romanian red is pretty strong. its one of my favorites. just harvested georgia fire and its even stronger. i love hot garlic! pickling tames the heat and i eat it like candy.


My Liberty apple took a significant beating from the derecho storm here, with a lower scaffold broken and bad scrapes on the trunk. So I t-budded a couple buds from the broken scaffold to the base of the tree as a backup.

Unfortunately, both buds decided to break bud after a month! Not sure how that would turn out, but I think I will keep the top of the tree anyways.

Anyone had a problem with t-buds growing in the fall?


Unfortunately yes, those that grew the same year didn’t make it through winter.


In June this fig was just a tiny stem that came back from the dead. Now it has a few fruit ripening and a couple dozen more that ought to ripen before frost. What a miraculous little tree. It would have likely grown much bigger if I upgraded it to a larger pot.

Then below is how it looked on June 14th.


That’s a lot of fruit on a tiny tree!


I’m hoping my chicago hardy does that. I’m growing it in ground in a sunny protected south facing spot against the house. was about as big as yours when i got it but isn’t quite as big as yours now. no fruit yet but a lot of growth for the time i had it. was on clearance rack at TSC and was nearly dead. for $5 i said what the hell. had it in a 10 gal. pot in the greenhouse until last fri. when i planted out. I’m in z4a so it will be a challenge to get to to survive and fruit. i have a z5 dwarf japanese maple in its 3rd. leaf and figure if i can keep that alive i should be able to keep this fig alive. snow is the key here and is the only reason i can get away with it. snows a great insulator.


@Susu It had even more fruit but I plucked off the ones I didn’t think would ripen in time. Red Lebanese is a very good variety. I will likely put it in ground in a year or 2 for increased productivity.

@moose71 I think you stand a good chance if snow cover is consistent to cover it during the worst of winter. I shovel snow around my bushes during the winter when it actually snows anymore to help insulate them in addition to covering them with tarps. Also consider an earlier ripening variety like Florea. Nothing like a homegrown fig!


we get a lot of snow that sticks around into early may. i wrap a old heavy fleece blanket around the trunk of my jap. maple then cover it with the 1st. snow completely. will do the same with this one. is florea as cold hardy as chicago hardy?


Pomgranny, no shortage on entertainment with you,the more the better. A flying lobster, heh?


I know. I’m the comic relief wherever I go!
Ya gotta laugh . . . cause the alternative isn’t too pleasant! :rofl: :wink:


The goldenrod is blooming now. I looked at it and thought - see all the bees! Then I looked again. Wasps, nothing but wasps, not a bee in sight.