What's happening today 2020


Drove up to East Bay to meet up with a CRFG member who collects and propagates a lot of interesting plants. I tasted my first white sapote (I think this is Vernon)

My wife agrees with the common description of caramel flan, but to me it tastes more like a ripe European pear. I’ll plant a tree and graft a few varieties. It is productive, precocious and tasty, so deserves a spot.

I tried several other fruits and he threw a lot of scientific names at me which I don’t remember now :slight_smile: One was this interesting banana-shaped passionfruit.

It has a very pleasant taste/perfume reminiscent of cardamom and sugar. However, it has zero acid and more pronounced seeds compared to Frederick. It is interesting but I will stick with the Edulis for now.


Liberty apple


Finally, they showed up just before Thanksgiving. They were only 8 of them this year

In previous years, they were larger groups, 10-14 of them and they showed up throughout the year.


Can I stop bye and have a leg?


I have never seen anyone hunt them. They probably fall prey to natural predators like foxes, cayotes, not by human around here.


There is so much to eat for them at your place. Next month I,ll feed the deer again. I feed them for 3 month, than they have to take care for them self. Same for the birds.


I thought you were going to say: “I feed them for three months, then they feed me for the next three” :joy:


Guy I worked for today puts corn out for them…they were clucking on a rainy day, but not today. 60 and sunny today. Rest of week will be warmer…October weather a little late.


they stocked them around here about 15yrs ago. they are starting to be a regular sight now. unfortunately the bios. didn’t have the insight of treating them for deer ticks before brining them to n. Maine. now the deer ticks are weakening and killing moose and deer in the winter months when they are at their weakest. 2 yrs ago many were lost to them. prior to their introduction we had no deer ticks. i hate ticks!


Love this!


Not any different than Covid and other diseases brought in from Africa/ China and others.


Today temp was in the 70’s, a rare warm day in Nov in New England. We went for a walk and passed by a local pond. Saw this. Took some pics. It was a beautiful sight.


I don’t know about the deer ticks, but my understanding is the moose are getting hammered by large infestations of winter ticks, a separate species. They were already present, but warm falls with less snow leads to much higher rates of infestation.


I took a few peaceful minutes this morning to look at some plants and trees that survived the summer.
These pussy willow cuttings from @Rosdonald did surprisingly well considering the weed competition and my (sometimes) lack of attention! Aren’t the red stems and buds pretty?? Thank you, I am grateful!


Today is Veterans Day, I just want to thank you for your sacrifices and service.


Temps dipped to freezing one night this week, so I moved my little potted Persian Lime and a pomegranate that a friend gave to me - inside. I cannot believe how much the lime grew this summer! It was a scrawny little thing from Home Depot . . . and now it is over 4’ tall.
I’m going to keep this pomegranate potted - and try to isolate it from the ‘fungal brigade’ out on the rest of my property! It will be interesting to see if it dodges the fungus. It is still setting buds . . . even in the chilly weather. I have no idea what variety it is.? My friend didn’t pay attention, when she ordered the ‘mother plant’ years ago. This little one was a volunteer that came up from the roots. She potted it and saved it for me. :blush:

Also . . . my Ison’s order of 2 scuppernongs arrived - and we’ll put those in the ground today.


I brought my potted citrus inside last month. The lemon is fruiting, but soon after bringing it in, it started to drop leaves.

The lime, which has a bad winter last year, with spider mites and scale, isn’t fruiting, but it looks better now than it has in years.



They do mot like temperature change. The leaves will come back.


I just brought my lemon tree in two weeks ago. It flowered like crazy and now it’s dropping leaves and flowers too. I’m picking all the fruit off. I want young fruit for the spring.