What's Up? Lost all Raspberry canes due to winter in 5B?

I can’t believe it, but it appears I have lost every single one of my raspberry canes due to what I assume is winter injury. Every cane on about 20 plants(or about 50 canes). My sweet cherries are fine and bloomed and half of my triple crown canes survived with just laying them on the ground and covering with leaves. I am a little(ok…a lot) disappointed by this because I was going for my first big summer crop to try and avoid SWD in August and Sept. Now it looks like I will have to battle them again this year for a primocane harvest this fall.

I am in south central Iowa in zone 5b. We had two nights of -13F in December and one night of -18 in January or Feb. Is -18 enough to kill every cane? Or was it the -13 we had in December? Ugh! Very bummed!

I have the same problem in Omaha, NE, zone 5b. All my canes are dead, roots are OK, and new shoots are coming. I blamed myself for the transplanting raspberries late in the autumn into the new bed. However some of the other bushes were damaged like black currants, so it is not the reason. We had just the average winter. The raspberries and currants are very tough up to zone 4 and probably zone 3. So their winter injury is a mystery to me. Maybe some kind of disease?

Yes, very strange, they should have made it. Maybe if a huge swing in temps they got caught. We went to -16 one week, but it was cold for awhile, and no great swing in temps. Even some peach fruit buds survived it. I only lost maybe 5 canes out of 200.