What's up with the new slidey thing on the right?

Just me? or did something change?

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Several things changed with the new update.

The new slidey thing replaces the previous counter located in the same position. The old one showed how many posts were in the topic and allowed you to enter post numbers to locate others within the same topic.

The new sliding bar allows you to use it just as you would a normal slidey bar on any page side. You can slide it up and down to move quickly between areas in a thread. Just hold down your left “mouse” key and use your cursor to grab the slide bar to move up or down around the thread.

Nothing has changed on my phone.

Other changes encourage members to utilize the Like feature. A new range of badges may be earned through a combination of giving Likes to posts you find helpful, and receiving Likes from other members. They are also meant to encourage members to post appropriate and helpful comments in order to earn Likes from others.

The Like button is the little heart icon located beneath each post. Members are encouraged to use the Like button to show appreciation for helpful posts in lieu of creating a string of posts saying “Thank you”.

Now that there are three posts in this topic, you can see the slide bar on the right. Go ahead. Check it out. :slight_smile:

I’ll be moving this thread to the “About This Forum” category in order to make it available to all readers.

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Also note that unless you scroll beyond them, there are two new buttons located just below the slide bar available for use. The arrow may be used to start posting a reply. The blue circle button can be used to change the frequency with which you are notified of new posts within the topic.

While typing up your reply, that slider is replaced by the old familiar post counter bar.

There are many new badges available.

The link above will take you to a list of all badges now available. The number located in the upper right corner of each badge description is the total number of members who have earned that badge. The page may also be viewed by using the menu option in the upper right portion of your screen. That is the 3 bars next to your profile icon.

If there is a green check mark on the left hand side of the description box, it is a badge that you have earned. There are currently 42 badges which may be earned.

Clicking on any of the badges shown on that page will bring up a page showing all members who have earned that particular badge, date it was earned, and for which post.

Thanks for explaining this. I did not know about the Like button until now as I may be one of a few humans left on earth who have no FaceBook and do not know all the features here that are similar to FaceBook.

All I have learned here is posting pics( tutored by Olpea) and editing ( can’t remember who taught me).

I like so many posts but have not given any like because I did not know how :blush:


Mamuang, I’m glad it helped. When you give a post a Like, the grey heart will turn red so you can tell that one of the Likes on that post was from yourself.

If you click on the area next to the heart where there is a number and the word “Likes”, a list of members who Liked that post will show up beneath it. That’s a toggle switch. So you can make that list disappear from your view by clicking that same area again.

If you want to practice giving Likes, you can always start with my posts. I’d be glad to be your practice person. :smile: Actually, I appreciate it when people take a moment to tell me they enjoyed a post of mine by giving it a Like. It took me awhile to get with the times, so to speak, but now that I’ve adapted, I like it.

Different membership trust levels have different limits on the number of Likes a member is permitted to issue per day. The maximum amount for the highest level is 50 per day.

If you ever have questions on how to use different features on the forum, just send me a PM. I’m always glad to walk people through.