When are goumis ripe?

Noticed my goumi fruit are starting to turn red. how soon after they are red can they be eaten?

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Color change and astringency match up. They can get a little redder and a little sweeter from your picture but not much and I would say the one pictured is good to eat.

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Feel of them…

Look for that nice red… perhaps a little deeper red color… and then give them a little squeeze with the finger tips.

Soft and squishy when good and ripe.


Wait as long as possible red color an softness doesn’t mean fully ripe they can still be astringent. I recommend tasting one and if its still astringent give the rest more time. The one in the picture i would give a few more days if it doesn’t get eaten by ants or birds.

I thought you just got your first goumi same time as me from Whitman farms. do you have ripe fruit already?

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It can certainly be eaten before fully red. It will be astringent and tart with not so much sugar.

Contrary to what lordkiwi said, perhaps with more experience than me, I believe they continue to lose astringency after they become fully red and fruit that have hung longer are less astringent.

Their peak is probably a few days after the birds have eaten them :frowning:


@Bigmike1116 yep i got mine same time. I got to try a couple ripe ones a few days ago and i loved them. Birds ate the rest in 1hr before i could net it. They only left 5 unripe berries i put little organza bags on them :laughing: ill probably pick them in a couple days their almost ready