When do the sales hit?

Near the end of bareroot planting season, various nurseries usually put their remaining stock on sale.

Approximately when does this happen?

What kinds of discounts are typical?

Is there much a difference in the quality of the trees vs. what they sold earlier in the season?


Stark Brothers has a sale near the end of spring or early summer. It is about the time that it is getting very hot outside during the day. I have found that the stock they shipped was still in excellent condition, and had no problem with establishing the trees late like this. You will be watering the trees a bit more to help them survive if you are here in the northeast because this time coincides with the start of our dry season usually. Check their website starting late spring. You probably will not get shipping discount offers at this time but the trees will be discounted.

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I will have to say you’re right about the dates, but for me last year out of the 3 I had shipped around that time I had varying differences in trees. Had 1 plum that came in that you could tell had to have its leader regrew. The tree was around 1/2-5/8 caliper on the main stock, but the root stock was around 1 1/2-2 inches thick. Instead of the usual 1 “J” leg , this tree had 2 with two distinct cuts. The nectarine that came in as a replacement was huge compared to the original. The original was at best 5/8 and the replacement was closer to 1-1 1/4. All branching started at the top cut with only one bud breaking near it. Thankfully it sprouted one more bud later on about 3/4-1 inch above the graft. I regrew a new central lead last year and knee-high hacked it this season. The Spring Satin was only available as a premium tree and came in looking decent. Towards the end of the season our started looking worse and worse. All lower growth began to decline and only towards the top did much grow. After digging out up this year to pot I found that almost all the roots that had shipped with it were rotted and dead. Thankfully it shot out a decent amount of new roots and those rotted ones were cut off.

Compared to the early stock these were a little more of a disappointment, but all are still living this season. Nothing has broken dormancy yet, but still green under the bark.

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The sales should be going on right about now.

“The sales should be going on right about now.”

Would that be in the warmer areas of the country?

Here in Northern Virginia, it fell to 24 degrees just two nights ago. Some places that sell fruit trees in the spring hadn’t even received their first shipment as of late last week as the nursery was holding back on sending out anything until the weather warmed up a bit.

Here’s a suggestion: If you (referring to forum members generally) know of a place that does mail orders putting on a sale, why not post it here?

I’ll start. Johnson Nursery (Elijay, GA area) has a sale going on with many items 25% off their regular price.

Down here the local nurseries have stopped their spring shipping last weekend. Up north they may not of even started shipping yet. I got 10 apple trees at a big discount and they were already leafed out when I got them.


Where is “down here?”

I have a place halfway between Houston and Dallas. I order my trees from Legg Creek Farms which is about 50 miles away in East Texas. They don’t have a large selection but they only carry trees that do good in this area. My last order I got 10 apple trees for $30. I usually pay between $5 -10 per tree depending on the size. So far everything I have ordered from them has done really good.

Got this “instant orchard” Chocolate Persimmon today on clearance from Ison’s. Roots were hacked pretty good but a nice deal for $39. Came in a huge box, its over 6’.

Raintree has up 50% discount on some bare roots, plus they give you a free raspberry shortcake plant with your order, just mention " free plant" on the comment box when you place your order.

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I have never ordered from this company before, but BottomsNursery a few things on sale including Ein Shemer Apple and Bartlett pear for 8.95 each. If you order before tomorrow you can get shipment asap, but after tomorrow they won’t ship until fall.

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Got my Lane muscadine from them. Order came in just fine and is comparable in quality to my order from Isons.

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Hi, Thanks for the information. I purchased a Dolgo Crab and a Golden Dorsett from them.

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Isons has several combo trees for $19.95. There is combo asian pear and combo cherry. See link below



Thanks for posting this. My husband loves cherries. We have a lot of sour cherries on the property, but no sweet. I decided to surprise him with 4 combo cherry trees to plant. I was a little hesitant to order because they seemed to have a lot of negative reviews (on DavesGarden Watchdog), but I am going to give them a chance because they seem to actually care about their reputation, evidenced by their responses to the negative reviews. Plus, I called to ask a question and the woman who answered was very pleasant, I like that. I also picked up the two varieties of honey berries that they sell. I used a coupon I found online to get 15% off of those. :slight_smile:

My experience with Ison has been positive and I have ordered grapevines and fruit trees from them and I have been happy with them. I hope the trees work out for you.

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Just to follow up on this, my Lane failed to thrive for whatever reason. But BottomsNursery did a great job in sending out a replacement right away. I would definitely order from them again.

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