When does ACN start shipping?

Im going to have to call and pitch a fit in the morning. Half way thru March and no trees… Did ask them to ship as early as possible when I made the order. Getting very late in our season and will make a hard start for the trees. We are less than a month away from potential 100 degree days.

The pitfalls of ordering from much different climate zones. I just got a shipment from Bay Laural in CA that was the latest possible shipping date. The trees are leafing out and it’s still too early here to plant a tree in this condition.

They didn’t offer a specific shipping date with the order? Was it just a handful of trees?

I bet your order goes out a few days after you call them.

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My trees were shipped from Adams yesterday.

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It was just about 10 trees I believe. Ill call this morning and get the scoop.

Bay Laurel warned me (and said they won’t warranty my trees) that they would ship early. Mine have been here over a week and a couple are in the ground, but just starting to send out a few leaves (plumcot/peach).